KEN Match Up Thread


Highlight me with @SUPARNOVAX for match up notes to include in the corresponding discussion.

Ken will jump the whole game, your inferno has no invincibility you won’t be able to get a charge and using inferno simple trades, Bison sucks

I find this matchup is very dependent on meter and V-Trigger. Without V-Trig in neutral Bison struggles. His and will have difficulty competing with Ken CC Hoever crouch medium kick is a great poke to contest with Ken HK. It’s also relatively difficult to react to react to Ken’s 15f dash. Pre-emptive normals are the answer but you’re guessing whether he’s going to dash or CC HK to get in. With V-Trigger Bison and meter Bison runs the show imo.

How do you combat super rush down Ken? I.e. the one that keeps it close and keeps jumping deep to cross you up? What do you do after he does Fierce Punch and then runs at you to maintain pressure?

His empty run isn’t safe. You should be able to keep him at bay by sticking out CR MP, mk or psycho blast.

If he keeps jumping from close range then neutral jump MP + MP and then blast on your landing.

If he’s in there then u have to block. Wait for an opening.

If the neutral jump MP is coming out too late for you, try to just dash under and switch positions instead. You have a lot of tools to keep him from dashing directly into your face, not nearly as many to keep him from advancing into that cross jump range. So he’s going to try it eventually.

I’m really slow and freeze up when people jump at me at that range, but neutral jump MP or dash under are the correct options for that. If you go with the dash under, make sure he doesn’t just jump at you a second time, those Ken players are crazy people sometimes.

Hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I am a Ken player looking for an EU Bison player at around 2000-3000 lp (I am 2k myself) to have some friendly rivalry going on in battle lounge. I get fucked up by every Bison so I’d like to learn the match-up more.

My CFN is Valon129 but I guess the easier would be to send me a pm here if you are interested too.


ground wise if you keep blocking fireball most ken will walk themselves into corner. before that just punish jump in/let him waste a meter to get in.
the dash was quick specially in those “ok what he is doing next?” moment when you both try to whiff punish but nothing comes out, dash in is risky.

If you good at reactionary cr.lp scissor it can punish dash up easily (without risking mp/mk because you can eat random dash in DP, DP normally whiff with im that range)

I think any Bison master out the space control and anti air will be just matter of time render other character into totally submission on the ground.