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We’ll show Ken who the real Masters is.

Nash Match-Ups Thread

He seems to be my worst match-up so far. Always hated him in all the games he appeared in and this one doesn’t look like it’s gonna be an exceptiion. Any tips how to deal with good Kens?


bait them dragon punches. To be honest, DP happy kens are who I like to play against when I want to practice punish combos.


The St.Hp into EX Moonsault, St.Mp, H Sonic Scythe Crush Counter right?? That’s the biggest punish so far??


ETA: Check that. I found this one earlier today:
s.hp xx ex.MS, xx l.SB xx f.VT, j.hp, c.hp, xx ex.SS [433/670]

I’m sure if you didn’t have 2 bars you could end that with a regular SS and without VT, you could do your combo.


What counters air tatsu? I keep having to block since it seems to beat all my options.


That typo is V-Triggering me.

I’ve beaten it with EX Sonic Scythe. You need to react extremely quickly though.

That is indeed the max damage punish for two bars and V-Trigger. That being said, IMO, it’s rarely worth ending with EX SS unless it will kill. Damage output over HK SS is negligle and you give up oki and a very useful bar of meter.


Another good CC punish with 2 bars and no V-trigger is:

St.Hp xx EX MS, St.Mp/b+mk xx EX TA

It regains a significant amount of the meter spent for the combo

Edit* CC St.Hp xx EX MS, St.Mp/b+mk xx LP TA (1 bar)


EX TA steals life, not meter.


Woops, should be 1 bar punish with MP TA not EX, my bad. Regains approx half the bar you used for the EX MS


St.MP doesn’t combo into LP TA. You need b.MK and cr.MP. B.MK only combos into LP TA. To combo into MP TA you need a Crush Counter f.HP or a normal st.HP.


Interesting, I was referencing this combo vid put out by Pan but it looks like some stuff has changed since beta 4.

I can only get CC St.HP xx EX MS b+mk xx LP TA to work.


Pan is as good at producing videos as he is bad at fact-checking. Nothing has changed with Moonsault Slash since Beta 4. Those combos only exist because of bugs in the crack. If he bothered to check the frame data he would have found out that normal Moonsault and EX are only +4 and +6 on hit and that they can’t possibly link into st.MP (6f) and st.HP (7f) respectively.


Cool thanks. I’ve been building a personal combo guide for myself of all the various combos I’ve seen posted around here since it doesn’t look like the first post of the combo thread is getting updated anytime soon. I edited out your’s since that won’t link in your combos.


When I get a crush counter, if I have V. Trigger and 2 bars I just go for the gusto:

St.Hp xx EX MS, b+mk xx EX TA, f. VT, j. Mp, cross under cr. mp, st. mp xx hk. ss.

Given that online matches are only best of 1, I’ve never actually had someone successfully block the cross under. With 1 bar, you can do a lk moonsault to lpmp target combo xx ex TA for slightly less damage. The whole combo plus mixup does ridiculous damage overall either way.


Do you have a video showcasing that combo? Would love to see it.


Nash can just grab Len from almost any attack. It makes playing Kens so easy.