Ken Moveset and Attributes

Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like counter attacks, rolls, dodge attacks, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties.

Once a full movelist including frame data has been provided for the character, this post will be edited to include all of it, with proper credit to the guy who copied all that stuff from the Japanese guide or whatever.

Here’s data and comments on moves straight from my FAQ found on Gamefaqs and Neoseeker. I’ll start with specials moves for now.


Shouryuu Ken (Rising Dragon Fist)


DESCRIPTION: LP 2/18/24 down/-18 (1800)
MP 2/[4/20]/32 down/-32 (1800)
HP 2/[2/2/26]/39 down/-41 (2100)

          Shouryuu Ken Invincibility (in frames) 
  Total                  Full Body                  Lower Body 

LP 20 2 18

MP 26 2 24

HP 32 6 26

FUNCTIONS: Anti-air, combo finisher, wake up.

COMMENTS: Use deep HP version for anti-air. LP version for ground pokes. Use
MP version to set up cross ups or juggle opportunities in the corner. HP
version is your anti-air of choice, fast, big damage and multi-hit (useful
against P and K Grooves). Try to learn the anti-cross up motion, which is F,
D, DB + HP; a very useful tool. Note also that you cannot be thrown out of a
HP Shouryuu Ken, not even by super throws (e.g., Raging Demon).

After a deep anti-air HP Shouryuu Ken, where Ken lands behind the opponent it
is recommended that vertical jump immediately (to do this hold up even before
you touch the ground). For some reason it becomes ambiguous which way Ken
will land, forcing your opponent to guess which way to block. Holding up can
also lead to what’s known as a “free jump-in”. This is a no risk jump in,
i.e., a jump in that cannot be punished (except by 2 or fewer frame moves
like Ken’s Shouryuu Ken).

The reason why the jump cannot be punished is by holding up
before Ken touches the ground, you insure you are jump at the earliest time
possible. Now when falling, your landing approaches about the same time as
the opponent is getting up and returning to neutral state, so that if you
throw out a vertical jump attack it is very meaty and you land right
afterwards. In CvS2, if you attack mid-air, upon landing you cannot perform
any action for two frames. Because your attack was very meaty, maybe even on
the last possible hit frame, you essentially just can’t do anything for only
2 frames. Almost all wake ups in the game have a longer start up time than 2
frames, including supers, so by the time the hit frames of the wake up attack
are present, your 2 frame disadvantage has already worn off allowing you to
block. In short, if the opponent didn’t do a wake up you get a deep jump-in
attack, but if the opponent did do a wake up, you block it.

Hadou Ken (Wave Fist)


DESCRIPTION: LP 14//43 -10/-10 (700)
MP 14/
/44 -11/-11 (800)
HP 14/*/45 -12/-12 (900)

Projectiles hit throughout the time they are on screen. As such, hit
duration varies.

FUNCTIONS: Roll Cancel (RC), projectile nullification, zoning, poke.

COMMENTS: Most of the time you’ll use this move to negate a projectile and to
zone non-projectile characters. Space yourself a safe distance (at least 3/4
screen, more depending on opponent) before using, as the recovery is poor. If
spaced properly and the opposition jumps, you can respond with j.HK or with
HP Shouryuu Ken. The choice depends on the arc of the jump. Against P/K/C
Grooves use air-throw occasionally to neutralize their air-to-air defense.
Should the opponent roll, against long rolls (e.g., Guile) walk up and throw.
Against average rolls that recover just out of throw range, a meaty attack
like d.MP, d.HK, d.MK or s.HK are good choices.
Avoid using Hadou Ken when facing characters with powerful rolls or easy
projectile counters (e.g., Kim, Iori, Cammy). Against people with lunging RC
moves (e.g., Yun) who like to blow through Hadou Kens, don’t use unless you
know you are a safe enough distance away that you can Shouryuu Ken them or
block on reaction.

RC Hadou Ken is an excellent tool against characters that out range and out
prioritize greatly (e.g., Sagat). RC Hadou Ken will beat their attack cleanly,
but must be used carefully as invincible or not the start-up and recovery is
still poor, leaving you open to rolls, jumps, and super moves.

Nata Otoshi Geri (Falling Hatchet Kick)


DESCRIPTION: 10/[2/3]/17 +2/+2 (1200)

FUNCTIONS: combo finisher, Roll Cancel (RC).

COMMENTS: An excellent move with surprisingly good horizontal range. It is
the horizontal range that makes RC Nata Otoshi Geri an excellent tool after
any attack sequences that create a false opening for your opponent. The
opponent believes he or she can is still in range to hit the recovery of your
attack and will try to retaliate, but the invincible “wall” provided by RC
Nata Otoshi Geri hits them instead. Some examples of attack patterns you may
use to set up such a situation are: (a), (b) (a) meaty close s.HK (b) meaty
close s.HK + d.HK -> LK Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku. RC Nata Otoshi Geri is also
an excellent counter for opponent’s dash and run in attacks. This move being
32 frames in length can also be used to shorten the recovery on Ken’s d.HK
(47 frames long) by cancelling the d.HK into Nata Otoshi Geri.

Note: Just outside of Nata Otoshi Geri range is the optimal range of Shiden
Kakato Otoshi, so if people are trying to bait out a Nata Otoshi Geri, kick
them with Shiden Kakato Otoshi instead.

Kama Barai Geri (Sweeping Scythe Kick)


DESCRIPTION: 5/[2/5]/27 -8/-8 (1300)

FUNCTIONS: combo finisher

COMMENTS: The only time I “use” this move is when I mess up d.MK -> lv 2
Shouryuu Reppa. Because I buffered a HCF instead of a QCF, Negative Edge
activates this move. It combos off d.MK for a 3-hit combo. Not a bad move
but Nata Otoshi Geri overshadows it. Can be cancelled to Inazuma Kakoto Wari
on the seventh frame.

Oosoto Mawashi Geri (Greater Outer Spinning Kick)


DESCRIPTION: 10/4/27 down/-7 (1400)

FUNCTIONS: combo finisher, knockdown attack

COMMENTS: Normally when hitting a close s.HP or s.HK one cancels into a HP
Shouryuu Ken, but sometimes the completion of that combo sets you too close
to a dangerous waking opponent (e.g., raged Zangief), which forces you to
back off and lose momentum. In these cases, it is wise to sacrifice some
damage and cancel to Oosoto Mawashi Geri instead to knock the opponent away
for efficiency (no need to back off) and safety. Can be cancelled to Inazuma
Kakoto Wari on the 14th frame.

Inazuma Kakoto Wari (Lightning Flash Heel Splitter)

COMMAND: HCF + K and hold K

DESCRIPTION: 26/3/23 -2/-2 (1000)

FUNCTIONS: Overhead attack

COMMENTS: Slow, but keep this option open when a match is very close.
The nervousness in a close match might have the opponent blocking
low more often than normal. Try d.LK x 3 -> HK Inazuma Kakoto Wari in those

Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (Tornado Whirlwind Kick)

COMMAND: QCB + K (available in the air)

DESCRIPTION: Air 4/varies/7 +13/+13 (?)**
LK 2/16/17 -3/-9 (?)
MK 2/>16/17 -3/-33 (?)
HK 2/>16/17 -3/-41 (?)

FUNCTIONS: air-to-air attack, run-away

COMMENTS: This move can be cancelled off a j.LK, j.MP, vertical j.HK & j.LK,
which is useful against K and P-Groove. To get the most height and distance
in the air, activate this move just before the peak of Ken’s jump. Sometimes
when retreating use the “reverse tiger knee” motion (D, DB, B, UB) for a
parabolic arc. Not only does this look odd, it hits on the way up, and sends
you a fair distance away. Avoid using this move randomly and avoid combos
into this move with ground attacks, it is very punishable on block. The LK
version can be used to cross up an opponent after a deep HP Shouryuu Ken.
You can take advantage of the 2P glitch (see throw section for details) by
using Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku to get behind the opponent after a throw into
the corner.

**Note: Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku does not hit continuously; actual frame data
indicates breaks.

For example,
LK 2/[3]/7/[2]/2/[2]/17
MK 2/[3]/7/[2]/…2/[2]/17
HK 2/[3]/7/[2]/…2/[2]/2/[2]/2/17

I’ve lumped the entire hit duration as one number to facilitate reading.

A cool C-Groove combo to try on big characters (e.g., Geese):
j.MP -> Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku + d.HK -> lv 2 Shinryuu Ken + lv 1
Shinryuu Ken + HP Shouryuu Ken.

Ryusen Kyaku (Dragon Wing Kick)


DESCRIPTION: LK 21/17/24 down/-11 (1300, 1200)
MK 29/12/24 down/-5 (1400)
HK 34/10/24 down/-4 (1500)

FUNCTIONS: Overhead, knockdown attack.

COMMENTS: Occasional d.HK or close s.HK cancel to Ryusen Kyaku can surprise
people especially if you frequently cancel the HKs into more traditional
specials earlier in the match or round. Opponent cannot Safe Fall after being
knockdown by this move. Note that the LK version hits faster than Ken’s other
overhead attacks. Do not overuse this move. When seen coming it is easily
punished on reaction.

Zenpou Tenshin (Forward Rolling)

MP 8/24/10
HP 9/30/10

FUNCTIONS: cross up, advancing

COMMENTS: Primary use as a component of a C-Groove lv 2 cancel, but can
occasionally be used to advance a short distance and to cross up a waking

Just to be the type of person that I am (pretending to know stuff about this game), I’d guess that “Ryusen Kyaku” is actually dragon flash kick, but I’d need to see the kanji…

Practice d.LK, d.LK xx level 2, jab roll, dp+MP, walk foward, meaty cross-up j.MK versus Sakura. The meaty cross-up j.MK part is extremely important. Since Sakura and all the rest of the girls have a thin hit sprite, it makes landing j.MK on them difficult. After a knockdown as a meaty attack is usually the only time you’ll be landing a cross-up on them without them being able to walk under you.

The j.MK is also commonly set up after a dp+LP or a level 1 shinryuken juggle in the corner (no tech roll allowed).

If you can consistently get the timing and spacing right to land deep cross-up j.MK on Sakura every time, then your Ken will have no trouble timing to hit j.MK on anybody.

I tried this against dummy Sakura and I realized my j.MK consistency was only around 30%. Whee! Ken scrub forever.

How do you execute your rc’d lp Nata Otoshi Geri? I can only do the hk version.

Could somebody post frame data for Ken’s supers?