Ken or Ryu in AE

ive decided to main one of them for a few months while i gain a deeper understanding in the game, would anyone be willing to share some info on the two of them as they play in arcade ediotn, most of the info i find seems a bit outdated, and im having a hard time understanding/finding the frame data changes that came with ae.

ken or ryu for a budding player, and why?


Well, if you strong zoning with a little offense, pick Ryu. If you want strong offense with a little zoning, pick Ken. That hasn’t changed at all in AE, that’s how it’ll always be.

Agreed. I’m not sure what they did to Ryu for AE, but I do remember seeing somestuff about Ken that suggested he was becoming even more offense oriented (really don’t remember what to be honest). Either way, it’s not like they’re different characters now since AE.

Ryu has better fireballs, a tatsu that knocks down, and awesome normals. Ken has kara throw, a tatstu that leads to mix-up (standing right in front of your opponent), and…:f::mk:step kick? Don’t really know I always liked Ryu more.

Can’t forget E.Ryu now since it’s AE. But I Don’t know enough about him to say anything.

Ken is probably better in general but for learning I think Ryu is better still.

Ryu’s fireball being as good as it is means you can play a very fireball and footsies oriented game in many match ups. Also due to his sweep being unsafe on block you will use it as less of a crutch. His pressure is also more straight forward.

Ken’s fireball isn’t as good and you’ll have to use step kick to compensate (this is a simplified statement but it’s generally true). His sweep is more safe on block and it can quickly turn into a crutch. His pressure is more difficult in that you need to be able to kara throw and you need to know when to use DP’s to punish crouch teching. Also his BnB into hurricane kick requires you to have a stronger understanding of mix up (but it probably won’t help you develop that understanding any better than if you play Ryu.

It all depends on how you want to play. Ryu is more slower paced, likes to hang back, throw fireballs, and build meter. Ken has fireballs for when he needs them, but would much rather get in your face, land that karathrow and start a mixup game.

Ryu’s crouching forward was nerfed in AE, but is still a damn fine poke.

Whichever one you want is based on your style. Ryu controls the entire screen very well, but Ken is incredibly powerful up close. Can’t go wrong with either.

thanks alot for the info guys, i think ill end up going with ryu for the next while, keep the info coming, any insight is greatly appreciated

Ken Always Wins :china:

ken seems like hes being ranked higher in current tier lists, but i feel learning ryu might be more beneficial in the end, PROVE ME WRONG :slight_smile:

Ryu goes a long way toward building fundementals, problem being that fundementals are no longer quite as rewarded in this game compared to relentless offense - hence kens steady rise. Plus now kens footsies are better so there’s that. I wonder what daigo v valle woulda looked like if he switched to ken. seems more his style.

Ken: Great advancing, pretty good -> very good mixup[c.lp/throw; heavy on ambiguous crossup setups], very invincible MP Shoryu, high dmg, relatively easy combos that lead into mixups, still has the coward copter for escapes, great footsies in and safer helps a lot.
Ryu: Sick theme song.


The correct answer is Yun.

Ryu seems to be more direct and predictable in my experience. Ken has some pretty good mix ups that can confuse the opponent. I’d say in the long run Ken would be better to learn on for if/when you decide to play someone else for a better understanding of mixing up your opponents. Quite a few Ryu players zone themselves to their own defeat by relying too much on the fireballs.

Evil Ryu > clones.

how much more damage does ryu do than ken, i always hear ryu is the more powerful one but the move data i look at places most of the moves extremely similarly

also thanks for making this hard on me :smiley:

You can find all the difference in the forums if you look under the different character threads. All the AE changes are there as well. As far as Ken vs Ryu to learn with…I think either of them would be fine, you’d just end up learning a slightly different style depending on who you choose. As posted above, Ryu is a bit slower and is more oriented around a fireball game, where as Ken is more oriented around an offensive mixup game. Since they are both Shoto’s, you get the same understanding of how fireballs, srks, and tatsu’s work, timing of normals, etc., at least for the most part. I like the way Ken plays more. It feels better to me. Try them both out and see which one feels better to you. I just wish Ken wasn’t so…g…not strait looking. He used to look cool and mean in original SF2, but over the years…yeah, the japanese are really wierd when it comes to sexuality. Sadface.

haha yah i feel you, the fact that ryu looks like he sleep with girls is half the reason im choosing him over ken.

some more info on me: since i got the game a few months ago ive been playing sakura only and i really like her but obvisouly i loose all online matches becasue i just picked up the game and i usually blame my losses on her (when it reality its prolly me sucking) so i feel like choosing a more used character ie. ryu will set me free, how realistic is this, or should i just stick with who i like, can i learn all i need to learn with sakura or should i commit to ryu and learn defense, i have a terrible habit of constantly doing non safe jump ins and i really need to unlearn that.

yah i dunno, just keep the input coming please

In my personal opinion, I would go through all the characters, learn their moves and mess around until you find a character that you really feel comfortable with, then go with them. As for your online losses, whereas it’s true that some characters are stronger than others, most of a match comes down to player skill. So…don’t blame it on Sakura, because she’s honestly a pretty good character. You just need to practice and learn more. I still get beat up by some really good Sakuras. And you may not want to limit yourself to only one character. A lot of people have multiple characters to use as somtimes you’ll run into your characters counter character and you may want to pick someone else who has a better set of moves to use against them.

As for your non-safe jump-in’s…well, the description you gave should be a dead giveaway as to why you’re losing. =P They’re not safe. A big problem for beginners playing online is that there are a ton of medium skilled and high skilled players online, so when a beginner comes in, they usually get bodied so bad that they get discouraged and sometimes even just give up on the game entirely, but stick with it, and be patient, and learn from your mistakes. One of the benefits to going through the game and using all the characters is that it gives you education on what their moves are and when they can use them, so that when you are fighting against them, you know when you can jump in and when you can’t, what distance is safe, what moves to use to control the match with, what moves you can punish and when, etc. The game is really a very precision oriented game, and again, that kind of thing requires a crap ton of patience to learn, but I promise, when you do start learning and eventually start winning, the joy you get out of it is totally worth it.

This game to me, is both, the most frustrating and most rewarding to play. I want to punch a hole through the wall or even my own head sometimes, but other times, I run around the living room screaming like an rtard, cuz I just outplayed someone else. Good luck man.

I’m more of a casual player myself (only been to two tourneys ever) but I say it’s a lot more important to use who you like, whether it’s for moveset, compatability to your playstyle, character asthetics, whatever. But if your goal is to become a legit pro, which is not really very likely (just being honest, no disrespect meant), I would say Ryu is THE character to learn just because the game was basically created around him and his moveset (not just SF4, but the entire franchise). Not saying he is the strongest, he just incorporates the most fundamentals of which the game is based upon.

That being said, if you like Sakura stick with her. I know she, at least in super, had some pretty ridiculous combos into reset that if your opponent guesses wrong will lead to dizzy. It’s my personal opinion she relies a lot more on shenanigans, unless you are like super pro, then it’s more like legit mix-ups/resets, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t totally destroy with her if you stick with her.

Really just mess around until you find someone you enjoy playing with (for any of the above mentioned reasons) and stick with them. Any character in this game is good enough to beat all your friends with if you practice. That’s definitely good enough for me.

stick with 1 character for now. learn how and when to use their normals. if you like sakura keep using her, when u get past beginner level you can go back to ryu to learn your basics. if basics is more important to you, use ryu then pick up sakura later down the line. if you use too many characters at this stage, you wont learn anything but how to be a flowchart (spam special moves with no understanding of your normals). i main a rush down character, it took me a while to really play him like i wanted. it might have been easier just maining ryu to start(give that some consideration). now im a decent player, ive picked up sagat to teach me real zoning. i thought that was an essential skill i needed to add to my game.