Ken Q&A: Ask simple questions here?

As title explains, these threads are to cut down on the “Quick Question” or “Question about FADC” etc type of threads.

Dr Chaos, JoeMasters, rest of you AmeriKens, handle this thread and help out a fellow game level up :nunchuck: please! Thanks in advanced :rock::karate::woot::clapdos:


however, i’d like to share something against shotos that many people may not know… i haven’t seen many people do it around here (, which is surprising). after any combo ending in a hadouken against shotos (let’s use xx hado for this example) you can focus through the fireball, dashup and get a free combo/throw. now yes, this does require you to read your opponent, and no you shouldn’t do it all of the time (because of ex obviously). this will make them scared to throw out fireballs in combos, which is good for you.

edit: there’s other things you can use the focus for, acting like a parry, such as guile’s c.rh (someone confirm?), the one that sweeps twice, you can focus the second one, dashup and combo/throw.

my 2 cents for the day.

Yeah I either kara throw or c.short -> linked combos.

For guile you can focus either one(I usually do the 1st), but the he might recover if you do the 2nd one Im not sure. Or you might be able to just focus the 2nd dash and immediately ex.shoryu.

Something about full ultra(I dont know if your joking or not lol) when the op jumps in crouch and wait till the latest second to input fierce shoryu, then fadc ultra. I get it a good % of the time when Im looking for it. :wink:

I’d say just punishing Guiles cr RH with a normal or ultra is a bit more risk friendly, since you won’t have to worry about the extra life you’ll lose if you mess up the timing after the focus attack.

i was joking, but a note on this, some characters if they empty jump and you get a 1 hit fierce srk xx fadc, you won’t get the full ultra. ed ma made a post about this, some characters have to stick out a normal in order for you to connect the full ultra, some characters can empty jump and you can connect a full ultra from fierce srk. i’m not too sure on which.

just silly if you ask me…but It is worth mastering FADC-ultra, u never know when you’ll own someone as counters aren’t usually predicted.

Good thread and already some good advice. One question…if you FADC after a hadouken the combo is free??! I have to try this…sounds too good to be true…

How the heck do you counters Blanka’s air balls in situation a) It’s coming right down on you and situation b) it’s coming down on you for a cross up?

Is there a normal that can counter him? I seem to find solutions for everyone but Blanka. only thing I have is clp to stop his regular and EX balls and watch out for sweep, everything else I’m getting picked off by.

And how the freak do u guys block his ultra? You start off crouch blocking? or standing?

Yes, master fadc ultra. To combo after a hadoken, you have to be kind of close. It may only work in corner(I’m not 100% sure)

Blankas rainbow ball can be focused, release when they land in front of you, or they might try and land behind you to counter you doing that. So just dash forward then punish them when they land.

For his ultra I just block low, wait until hes in the air about to come down then move up to block high. Then you can just stay high from there.

no the combo isn’t free, but it also depends how close you are to them. if you’re a little on the close side, you can hado xx fadc xx fp. srk. instead of fp. srk if you’re a little farther, you can do hado, or if they’re standing, tatsu.

as stated earlier, yes master fadc xx ultra.

ok ok…gonna practice fadc ultra…I have FA assigned to L1 so it’s not that hard to focus attack, but I find myself spamming dash and L1 sometimes from excitement, I’ll practice though;)

What about when Blanka ex rainbow balls? Just dodge? One more thing, is there a reliable anti-air for Blanka? He’s just jumping about the whole match once you clp his balls. I gotta stop that nonsense!! lol…

I likey this thread thanks guys…

You can focus ex rainbow too, when he jumps just strong shoryu.

I just sat down with Ken, switching to a shoto-character since this is my first SF-game.

Got a simple question for the one’s that has been playing for a while. When performing a Kara-throw on the stick. Do you guys use f.MK then LP+LK? Cause I’ve tried and it’s damn hard… so I tried making a macro-button to just find the timing and do people really use LP+LK or anyone using macro-throw?

Edit* If using f.MK then LP+LK what fingers do you use?

You push F+MK and then LP+LK within 3 frames… Which is more or less hitting them at the same time. The easiest way I can think of to describe it is like a flam (sorry, musician.)

In basic terms, you are hitting medium kick first but so quickly that an outside observer would think you’re hitting all three at the same time.

For finger placement, I use thumb on lk, index on lp, and middle on mk.

P.S. Macros are for chumps.

"What are some combos and moves for Ken to link into his super or ultra? Beside those in his hard trial. " this was from another thread, figured it belonged here:

i’m not gonna say i know all the super cancels (i think challenge mode makes you use just about every one of the ones ken has but i could be wrong.)

for the ultra though i know 2 ways to hit it that the challenge mode doesn’t show you.

  1. jHK > ultra. this has a very very very small input window for a combo.

  2. cross-up ex air-tatsu > ultra. the timing for this one is more lenient but you should be more worried about getting your tatsu to hit and keep you close enough to your opponent to combo.

other than that the challenge mode really teaches you most of kens cancels/combo’s sometimes it just shows them as part of a much larger combo.

Best super combo is Cl.Rh xx strong shoryu xx super.

OK, how do you unlock ken’s costume (regular not alternate obviously) where his hair is platinum?

color 10
complete survival or time trial 16 i think…

It’s Survival 16

Id like to nominate taunt 4 as the official ken taunt lol.

Whats a Flow chart Ken?

FADC Ultra

how do you pull off an FADC ultra? does it matter if you land the first hit?