Ken questions

I’ve only ever seen one person(Mattsun) do his silly hurricane kick, where it goes up and comes back down in like half a second while moving forward, I see it usable to get over fireballs and in front of your opponent quickly.

I hit this 0% of the time when I want to, and 10% of the time when I don’t.

I tried going d, db, b, uf+k(fast) and I’ll just go right up into the air, any suggestions how to get the desired hurricane?

Q2(odd-corner x-up):

When I have the opponent cornered and in a knee, I try to do his cross where you walk forward a BIT and then jump straight up with a lk, I can hit it 100% on Guile, and only Guile, any tips for hitting this properly?

Edit: You can tell if you’re doing it properly because Ken will still be facing the wall and will KICK(if you punch you didn’t go STRAIGHT up) the opponent who is to his back.

Q3(fake corner x-up):

Get the opponent down, and use hcf + k(hold) as the opponent is waking to cross him over(its fake) and then get him in the knee again. How viable is this tactic if you can execute it 100% of the time?

LAST BUT NOT LEAST([COLOR=“Yellow”]I promise):[/COLOR]

I need a good method to do c. short -> c. short xx Super(combo).

Thanks guys, I appreciate it :wgrin: :wgrin:

This is a tricky move to do consistantly. The best way for me to pull it off is to do a
UF,F,DF,D,DB,B+RH. I am getting it about 50%. This is a good move to do agaisnt shotos if you guess right. Sagat and Sim can punnish you if they do a jab fire ball.
When I play a DP/Flackkick character I will space myself so that it will land behind them on the wakeup. If they do a DP I will get a free combo/mk throw.

dont get carried away with this tactic. It isn’t as good as you think it is and you can fuck it up very very easy. But on ocassion pull it out as a suprise.

Yea more ken shenanagins!

What I do is walk under the character and jump right as you go under them and they are still airborne. You must remember that some characters you can’t walk under. Fei Long comes to mind.

You can also walk under then jump into the corner and do a MK. It will act as a corssup. Again its only good a few times then your opponent will just walk out of it as they land.

At this position you are better backing up and throwing a FB when they land and having it hit them behind the head. This will allow you to walk in on them and make them guess st.rh, sweep, Cr.MP, dp, throw, cr.short x2 xx Super or nothing. You have total controll of that position.

If you space this right they can not reversal out of it. Except rog with super. You can punnish all Dp’s including rog’s FP rising buffalo.

This move like all his others should be used as a suprise. If you find that your opponent LOVES to reversal DP/flashkick use it and make them scared. I do prefer to sue QCF+K. If you time it right you dont need to hold K. But untill then hold K. If you do this and your opponent is watching for it you will get punnished HARD! So be carefull.

This one is EASY! The super hits on the very first frame. So you can link it off any move that you have frame advantage on. Cr.MP and Meaty Cr.MK.

How to do cr.shortx2xxSuper 101.

Fist tip is to do the shorts slow. There is no need to spam them out. As you tap the 2nd short do both motions for the super then press jab+shrot at the same time and the same rythm as the 2xCr.Short.

Trust me it is so easy to do that you will be kicking yourself in the ass soon.

I hope this helped a bit.

Thanks alot! I’ll post of my trial and error later.


cigar bob I need to thank you. Though I haven’t spent alot of time trying to do it, I’d never got the hang of short, short, super. You just explained it so perfectly that I did it first try. And it does actually seem pretty easy. i have no idea how i used to do it but I’d get 1/20 or something. Today I was pulling it consistently against my friend.

Now you need to explain how to do short, short xx super with DJ… and make sure it’s just as easy as it is with ken:lol:

Thank you for the compliment. It took me a good few months to figure out exactly how to do it like that. But now its soo easy.

Now for DJ.

DJ Super XX 101

IMO the best way to practice is against Gief. Put gief in corner crouching stand right next to him and charge DB. Again this is a slow combo like ken’s. Cr.jab Cr.jab ><>Strong, short. You need to press the short just a few frames after the strong. you can practice this full screeb by doing < > < >strong, short. you will see the initial frames of the strong come out and then xx into the super. You can replace the Jab’s with DB charge, Cr.Short, St.Short ><>MP XX Short super. IMO this is a better option off the crossup especially ifyou have them scared of the throw after a crossup.

At first this will be very strange to do. But after you practice for a bit you will be able to land it in match with ease. When i was playing DJ this was my bread-n-butter combos when i had super. It is that easy.

This combo is most effective after a crossup MK.

This also works with Dictator. Stand close to opponent facing right. Charge <, St.Shortx2 >,<,Downforward+Strong, LK. the downforward will act as the forward for the super and you can XX the Cr.strong with it.

omg…thank you so much cigarbob. i gave up after negative edging funky kicks for hours on end trying to do this. but i just did it now thanks to your help:china:

Holy Christ, thank you very much Bob.

I’m still getting alot of negative-edge funky kicks, but at least I’m hitting c. short -> c. short xx super 50% of the time. I’m practicing on Turbo 2 from AE though right now, I’ll have to switch to Turbo 3 on CCC2 when I get back from the gym.

Once again, thanks very very much. Any other Ken tips would be highly appreciated. :wgrin:

Edit: I’m at about 90% now, finding a very effective way to do it, thanks AGAIN.