Ken rant.

just a few things i want to get off my back…

-SRKs are ass. AA’ing is either MP srk or EX srk. MP doesnt knock down on first hit and neither does HP. I hate confirming into HP srk just for the rest to whiff and get punished hard for that. Also why the hell does LP srk trade with shitty normals so easily. Does anyone ever use LP srk?

-Good luck scoring a full ultra 1 against a good player. Wish ultra 2 wasn’t so hard to connect, I can land it about 70 % of the time off lk lp xx hado combo. And even if you do confirm ultra 2, ken knocks opponent on other side of screen plus you get a lot of damage scaling depending on how you combo into it. And if you whiff, Ken creates this force field that pushes opponent away without even doing chip. Its a slow moving ultra. Its fair when it comes to punishing fireballs, you have to really be on point.

-Not complaining about overhead game but I think Kens Mk overhead should be two hits

-Comboing into crouching HP whiffs a lot of crouching characters where as Ryus wouldve connected for sure.

-No more combo into sweep unless you know the perfect distance and set up for every character it still works on.

-Feels like Kens Ex-tatsu in air has a really stupid hit box,

Thats all I can think of for now. Im sure these things have been discussed already but fuck it.


I cant really complain about hp srk whiffing because you can kara and lp srk is good in situations obviously, just wish it had more priority.
I just hope Ultra iteration of Ken will shut me up because I want him to be more tournament viable.

Ken’s been largely neglected by capcom in ae 2012, but despite that he does have the tools to do well. There are quite a few top level Ken’s in the world, including DRS Chris, Kichijyojiken, its showtime360, levistrauss1829, Michael Tan and others that I can’t remember right now. Basically his kara can make up for his liabilities. Like you can’t reliably combo into his sweep, but you can combo into a kara shoryu which pretty much has the range of a sweep. So that gives you the knock down that you otherwise wouldn’t have had. Again for AAing use HP kara shoryu and MP shoryu depending on distance. HP kara shoryu for longer distance AAs, MP shoryu for closer range, and cr.HP for very close range. <div><br></div><div>His ultra is a joke, not gonna dispute that. However a crossup ex tatsu combos into ultra 1 for BIG damage. It’s a risk though cos there’s no hit confirm into it, but generally people fall for it. Funnily enough I also seem to get quite a lot of full ultra 1 connects by just doing a level 2 focus, even against good opponents. </div><div><br></div><div>You’re right to rant about some of his issues, he’s not as reliable as say Ryu. But he does have workarounds that still enables him to play at a high level (in my opinion). Plus I love his step kick.</div>

I close to never use his Ultras unless it’s a focus crumple, or anti air… Even AA, I don’t get as much as in Super… Not sure if things changed or it’s because I nearly never play him as much as I did then. I managed to get a few ex tatsu > U1 and a tournament a few times, at that time I had dropped Bison for Ken/Akuma. I would never go for that though, unless you’ve conditioned your opponent into what you want them to do, and you got em scared.

You pretty much need his Karas as the above poster said. Kara fireballs are quite useful too, for edging yourself in, rather than trying to win a fireball fight. Beats walking and blocking, and jumping in.

I wish he could jab sweep like Ryu, but they took that out. :frowning: