Ken renda cancel video tutorial


I have been following the progress of the website for a while now. They are building up a very complete SSF2T guide and this time they seem to have discovered a new way of doing Ken’s renda cancel by buffering the super while you combo de kicks.

The rapid chain cancel is also explained and recorded on video. But what i really like is that new tricks are still being discovered for this awesome game. And this triple buffer tecnique really brings something new to work with, that could lead to more discoveries.

This is the link to the tutorial
Ken’s Renda Cancel and Triple Buffer techniques

I already tried the triple buffer in ST and it does work. I have yet to try it out on HDR.


I don’t know what the timings are, but the new QCF funny kick motion is liable to mess with it in remix mode because you can get lk xx lk funny kick.


work for both games, and behalf of the rest of fighter101 team i say thank you for your thread! :slight_smile:


Skilled players will not have a problem with this. There is a timing that will prevent the SCK from being negative edged too.

I prefer using a stand Short into cr Short to avoid the whole renda cancelling. Basically: st Short, qcf, d Short, qcf punch.

Also does anyone know who is the administrator for the fighter101 website?


what do you want to ask?, i know you have BIG contributions here, i can talk with the rest of fighter101 team, if you want to join us or cotribute with us, you’re very welcome!.


I just need a name so I can give credit in the Wiki.

#7 user) that’s all.


that whole buffering thing makes it way more complicated than it needs to be imo. the idea is to be focused on if the short short hits or not, that’s it. trying to focus on buffering in between shorts while keeping track if i’m hitting or not is too much to process. plus, what happens when you confirm a block and want to walk-up dp? you get a walk-up super since the double qcf was already buffered (especially in remix). that’s the main reason why i stopped confirming off low strong.

having to buffer motions is a handicap, why do it if you don’t have to? i’m not trying to shit on your parade, just my 2 cents. if it works for you then whatevs.


I guess that is the reason why they show how to do both. Some people might think buffering is too much work, while others might think it helps because of the slower pace.


They could just read my FAQ and have all of the super-cancelling methods available to them. Seeing all of those methods in video would be really helpful. Oh, one more question…why wasn’t this asked in the Ken thread? Each character already has a thread. Just wondering.