Ken+Ryu+Gief players deliberately lagging the game


Im having a terrible time against lagging opponents, alot seem to be doing it deliberately. Everyone that joins my game
has a connection strength of low and red, so it is never play and wait for good conn or risk it.

WHAT CAN I DO. So far I have been disconnecting this people but my DC ratio is now 10%. I dont really like disconnecting
but if a Sagat comes into the game purposes lags it while spamming fireballs, changes my charge time from 2 seconds to 5 seconds it is IMPOSSIBLE to play. I am also not giving these dog human beings a win so a disconnect is in order.

Can I report these people?
Can I get there ips somehow?

If not I quit championship mode, would rather know someone know what character I am picking than to be lagged to the point of no return and be forced to lose or DC. If people lag me in ranked I can simply quit and its bad luck for them, perhaps their poor family should upgrade the internet!

So basically you’re upset that a 2-bar lobby results in a laggy match?

Here is what you do:

  1. delete this thread
  2. stop taking online so seriously
  3. player matches with people who have good connections
  4. meet real players and play offline
  5. go and make sure this thread really is deleted

You do realize that lag is a two way deal, right? You sound like a 15 year old.

It could very well be your internet connection that’s total arse. Stop readying up when you see someone only has a two to three bar connection with you.

If you can’t stand waiting, stick to player matches. Find someone with a good connection and play more than a single match to make the best use of your time.

It’s your fault you start crappy games, not the other player’s. Don’t take online so seriously.

This response is S-tier.

OP: Stop hosting lobbies if this is a big problem, just seek out lobbies where you have a good connection. Also, you really have no idea what you are talking about here.

There is no one with good connections though they all have one red bar aka shit

Ok, here are some things to try:

  1. Instead of hosting a lobby, search for PLAYER MATCH lobbies with the search criteria set to “ANY”.

  2. If you can’t find 3-5 bar matches this way, head over to RANKED and do the same search. For reasons that completely mystify me, there seem to be a TON of players still in busted ass Ranked mode, and NO ONE in CE mode. I dont get it, but if you need to find a match, it may be your best bet.

Sorry if my previous response was dipped in jackassery, its been a hard few weeks and your opening post could have used a bit more polishing.

As a rule, I will NEVER play a match at less than 4 bars, and I never do any subsequent matches unless the match felt truly lag free…if I can feel the lag, I’m out after one match. Lag fucks up your game when you play in person, and playing well in tourney is my ONLY goal. Online is just practice for when your buddies are all busy and you have already done your 3 hours of training mode for the day.

Stick to 3 bars and upwards and stop moaning its online.

So maybe it’s your internet connection that sucks? Both players have to have good connections for it to be a 5-bar lobby, so if every single person who joins is 1-2 bars… there’s only one common denominator there.

In just 10 lines you admitted to:

  1. Ragequitting
  2. Fake DCs
  3. Playing low bar opponents
  4. Wild accusations
  5. Thinking that lag actually affects charge duration
  6. people “spamming” fireballs
  7. Playing SF4 online. This is the big one.

guys it’s a legit complaint if you’re playing the pc version, theres a setting (that capcom shouldn’t have put in) that slows the game down if you get less than 60 fps
what people can do is set 24x anti aliasing on their old graphics cards, etc and drop their client down to 12 fps which makes the game 5x slower

they can do this and still appear with 5 bars since that only counts network latency

it sounds to me like your own network is the problem, you should fix that shit.

I think its safe to say he is playing on PSN:

But you raised a legit point if he was playing on PC and NOT accepting games of 1-2 bars.

I know why you guys are mad
A. You play spam and lame characters
B. You lag the game to gain the upperhand and your worrying about being exposed

No but seriously this is the big one.

Why is everyones connection that joins my game red?? I know my connection is good because I have had people message me telling me they want to play someone with a good convo. Is there any sort of way I can exclude people with low conns from joining besides constantly kicking?

And yes this is legit in super street fighter they are bringing in an option where you wont have to play with laggers.

Hello thanks for your post “As a rule, I will NEVER play a match at less than 4 bars, and I never do any subsequent matches unless the match felt truly lag free…if I can feel the lag, I’m out after one match. Lag fucks up your game when you play in person”

I think im going to employ this as too, it is so infuriating having my character jump in the air aimless instead of doing his move because I got the charge time wrong due to horrendous lag. I also notice there seems to be more players in ranked mode too. Perhaps they simply never known championship is better.

I normally host but will start searching. I normally just host as I am preoccupied why waiting, thanks! Hear things are getting fixed in super

You see him trollin’, so they hatin’.

Bison are you wirelessly connected when you play online? & areyou doing anything on the internet during these times?



nup no router the ethernet cord goes in the PS3 so the game has full conn, then it goes out of the PS3 AND BACK in the computer

A. I have had some awesome runs were it has been lag free and just like playing in arcade mode
B. I had a guy who tried toi oragnise more games with me because he says my conn was good

So I dont think it is me to be honest. Sometimes it is smooth and awesome, alot of the time it is not, you cant jump projectiles in it thats how bad is it, unplayable

Anyway I think constantly searching for people with high networks bars may be the way to go, as super street fighter 4 I read in the developer blog deals with this issue. Not me because it varys each time sometimes just a bit slow sometimes terrible patch lag where it takes 5 seconds to execute a kick, then it goes a normal speed and then back to 5 second to do a kick, this is the worst kind, and this is delibberate im sure, one minute its all good the next minute cant even do a kick in 5 seconds!

OP: Just to prevent any future uncertainty, let me quickly explain how the “bars” system works on both XBL and PSN.

That bar, which has a value of 0 to 5 (and color coding to match, but the color coding is redundant to the bars, so lets just talk about the number of bars), represents the PING time between you and the other guy.

So, if we both have screaming fast cable modems, and we are in the same city…most likely you and I would see each other as 4-5 bars.

However, if we both have screaming fast cable modems, but you live in LA and I live in Florida, then its entirely possible that we would see each other as 0-2 bars.

See? The number of bars that you see is 100% a function of the time it takes to send a tiny message between you and the other guy. There is no notion of “he had a slow connection” you can only say “we had a slow connection”.

Now, you raise a good question…why would anyone who sees their connection to you as 2 bars, still want to join your lobby??? The answer is either that they don’t know any better, or they are an idiot and they are counting on the lag to help them win matches.

Either way, when playing online, you need to implement some MANUAL filters of your own, on top of the game filters.

Set the game filers to ANY, and then choose your opponents based on (in order of importance):

1 - most important) The speed of the connection. Anything less than 4 bars is a waste of time.

  1. Skill of your opponent.

The best way to do that is host a lobby and kick anyone with less than 4 bars, or search for lobbies on your own.