Ken & Ryu History Inquiry

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Hopefully I don’t get flamed for asking a question like this because I’ve been looking around everywhere. It’s surprising that wiki and other sites devoted to SF History don’t have the answer to the question that’s been bothering me. Anyways, the question:

When Ryu and Ken were still training under Gouken’s Dojo, I know that Ryu left to compete in the tourny. Did Ken leave as well? Or was he still training? I’m doing a production where this question will decide if there is a re-write/re-shoot. Main question, did they both leave at the same time or no?

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Anyway, no I’m pretty certain Ken entered the USA tournament while Ryu competed in the first world one; which started Ken’s title for holding USA’s champion. They both came back later to find Gouken dead (or so it was before SFIV butchered the storyline).

…There’s no reason to ask this here. Go to any SF page on Gamefaqs and look for the storyline FAQ; it’ll answer all your questions. And hopefully that’s the end of this thread.

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Ryu and Ken were not students of Gouken anymore at the time of SF1.

Right. We’re doing an Alpha-ish Tribute. Hopefully to release the day before SSF4. Just wanted to get some story details ironed out. Sounds like Ryu did head out first.

There was an awesome canon FAQ that I had read a long time ago, but I don’t have the link anymore. However, this canon FAQ is pretty good:

Ryu did head out first. According to that canon, Ken never entered the SF1 tournament:

“When Ryu, now the World Fighting Championship’s victor, finally
got back from the Street Fighter 1 tournament, he wanted to ask Gouken what
happened to him. However, he found Gouken killed as well as his daughter
missing (Author note: Gouken having a daughter is a fact that Capcom seems
to have forgotten about by now and thus will probably never resurface. You
can only find out about his daughter in REALLY old Street Fighter official
sources). Ken, however, had seen the end of the battle that happened. It
was Gouki, Gouken’s brother, that killed Gouken. Sensing Gouki’s ki, Ryu
then embarked on a journey to find Gouki (because Ryu still needs to find
out what happened to himself when he beat Sagat).”

It sounds like Ken viewed the whole battle between Akuma and Gouken. And this story point can be seen in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (Ken has a vision of Dictator exiting the Master’s Dojo after he says goodbye to Ryu) and **Street Fighter Generations **(Ken actually viewed the whole battle and Ryu came after).