Ken Stick Art Request

Hey, I need some help from you guys. I need some Ken stick art for my brother, but not the standard red Ken, he likes the Blue Ken from CVS2 So can you guys sorta make some art with like a blue theme to it? Most of the stuff on Ken is red and My photoshop skills are subpar so I figured it wasn’t for me. The stick art should be about 7 x 11.5, sideways/landscape. No button holes please.
Something like this would be nice, (Belongs to Robokriket, please just don’t paint this blue)

Also, somewhere on the art, I guess the top right corner, could you add text that goes like:

and match it up like that? Thanks alot in advance.

Edit: The text box isn’t allowing me to do this, but “LOUIS” should allign under the L from royal and use the same L.

i got u homie but just give me some time

No problem dawg, take as much time as you want.

Also, if blue it too hard/uncommon you can also do the white Gi ken from CVS2 as well.