Ken Strategies

Can Someone Share Some Of Their Ken Strategies?

stop it. thats not funny.

but if you were serious about that , watch some videos. google something. go youtubing, look back on the Ken forum to find previous shit. or buy that SF anniversary collection strategy guide from bradygames. that book gives new ppl a start on ken.

or…if you know a little ken already, but there’s something specific you need help with, i’ll try to help you.

Basically I’m Talking About Playing Ken Kind Of Defensively, I Came From Playing A Ton Of Sfa3 And Cvs2. I Always Played As Gouki. Third Strike Gouki Is All About Offense Just Like The Rest Of The Other Games With Him In It. So I Tried Out Ken. I Play Really Good In 3rd Strike, I’m The Type That Play In Tourneys But I’m Not Familiar In Playing Defensively. I Beat The Old 2nd In The Nation That Lives Here In Cali. I Guess His Not Top Anymore For The Past Few Years 'cuz He Just Stop. But I Need Some Help On Defensive Ken And Maybe Some Combos After A Parry (u Know Except Lk,lk,s2, Or Strong Fierce Srk Jb) Other Strategies U Know What I Mean? Or Maybe A Sugested Character To Play Defensively. Ken Bombs A Turtling Too.

First, I would suggest not capitalizing every word you type. Maybe it’s just me, but I had a little trouble reading what you posted. Second, Oro is a really good turtle character. I’ve heard Elena turtles, too. I’m sure Ken is good at turtling, but the reason he’s top tier is he can do just about anything, so just turtling would not be in your best interest.

nah kid, hes ok with the caps. only thing i made out was him beating “old 2nd in the nation” in some tourny…:confused: …while being on defensive during his trip in california…:confused:

Thats the same mind-set thats spawning all these one-dimensional “rushdown” kens we all see nowadays. THE END.

man, im not used to going backwards in leaps and bounds to explain stuff…so ill drop a little hint:

the idea is space control. Ken has the ability to control the pace of the match using the set moves given to him, including his jumps and dash traits. think of it as a means to not allow your opponent to get offensive on you, while creating openings for you to start offenses on them. You are dictating the match.
believe me, ken is a good defensive character.

This little rule does’nt apply to ken alone. it is a universal tool the entire cast can use. Some characters are better at it than others.
if you are’nt convined, please watch some videos, or go out and play some ppl who are worth thier salt.

then, there are wits. certain times, while trying to create openings to start offense, your opponent CAN do something, but wont. other times,
A)the player is pressured to stay on block. this happens more often than you realize.
B) depending on the character they are using, and on the situation, the player does’nt see an obvious answer to whatever the opponent is trying to do. so blocking is his second best option.
C)he knows what he can do, but he’s reluctant. the player just feels blocking is the best option.

the “wits” part and space control go hand in hand. you can say that they are sewn closely together.

anyway, after a parry, you can
cmkxxsrk(lp), kara srk(lp) if you can. otherwise, stick with only one srk.
smp, shp, hadoukenxxSA3

old second in the nation california tourney what now? who is this mystery man?

yeah, what he said should be a quotable. its funny.
but honestly, i did’nt catch on to that meant? there was a tourny called “nation california”?

Oops. I didn’t mean to suggest that Ken’s all about rushing down. I meant that Ken can do just about everything except have reach like Urien and Necro. Ken has awesome offense and an awesome defense. Intead of concentrating on one of the other, I figure that Ken should do both, switching between the two to keep his opponent on his or her toes. But I have a horrible Ken anyway, so my advice might not actually mean anything.

Thx Dasiatic. Yeah, Its Kinda Weird For Me. I Seem To Be Tired Of Playing As Ken As Of Today. Ken Apparently Is My Best And I’m Tired Of Winning With Him. U Know How Some People Get Tired Of Winning With The Same Character? I Know Theres A Lot Of People Like That. Its Not That I’m Tired Of Winning, Its Just I’m Tired Of Ken.

And What Are You Guys Confused About The Old Guy Thats Second In The Nation? It Was Back 2 Years Ago, He Worked At Our Video Game Shop. He Stoped Playing For A While. Then He Quit Sf Profesionally.

Yeah, you’re welcome.
space control is a basic, yet very important tool for the entire cast. its just that with ken, with the moves and traits he has, can do it better than some.

go to youtube and type “VBTS3 Street Fighter III Third Strike Tournament Matches #1”. there is a match between a sean player vs a chunli player, then sean fights some makoto player. just an example of what i mean.

even though sean is less of what ken is…alot less, the sean player still manages to pull of victories vs chun and makoto. you might say “oh well, these guys who are using chun and makoto must suck then”. well, they are’nt the best, but they dont suck either.

how did sean win? well, it was’nt sean’s superior mixups and/or devastating combos. sean lacks in both departments. watch closely.

trust me. i know what im talking about.