Ken strats for...?

Well I’ve been playin’ 3s for a while now and been playing as Ken and 3 other chars(Makoto,Dudley, and Alex) but Ken’s always been my best i usually face Ryu and Remy and playing them i realeized that I have a very good strat and it usually leads me to victories, but recently the Ryu player’s started owning me pretty bad, and i think it may be because although when i’m on my opponent i’m pretty “invincible” with mix-ups i started to notice i never knew any effective way to get in on my opponent other than waiting for his mistake.

So my questions for you guys are

  1. What are Ken’s most effective ways of getting in?(besides Jumping we all know how well Ryu deals with jumpers)
  2. What do Ken and Ryu have to do to beat each other?
  3. What do Remy and Ken have to do to beat each other?

The help will be majorly appreciated guys…thanks in advance

1 - heres what i do, i walk to get in close but out of sweep range so i can whip out a s.rh.
2 - ken is better than ryu in many ways. If you can’t get close to ryu because of fireballs just remember that ken got fireballs too.
3 - remy has nothing on ken, ken is way better than remy. If remy plays a keep away game with sonic booms just parry and build meter. Sooner or later remy will somehow get in close.

i’m not good at giving advice so this is all i got, hope it helps!

what he said would work good. s.rh is an awesome poke

for the most part 90% of it depends on how good your opponent is. I know people who I can barely land a cross up but on the other hand I also know people who are extremely weak at blocking it. Best bet is to learn how to stick the sa3 as often you can. Youll eventually face people who can parry your best setup and thats when youll have to play smart. The more setups you have the better off youll be.

hmm best ways to get in are probably during knock downs or rush if the opp doesnt have a meter. The meter thing is a character scenario. You dont want to go against say dudley when he has an ex cause he will roll your ass. Someone maybe like chung li or yun are weak without a meter. Cross over ex tatsu kick works well at getting close and hitting them at the same time. Its just a gimmick though. theres no set way to get in close other than the knock down scenarios but thats a universal rush down tatic. Your going to have to feel out the situation and see what the opp is doing. Maybe the opp has a jump in pattern or the opp goes for lows after knockdowns. Paying attention is half the game.

  1. Just be patient! The best thing about Ken is that you don’t have to be in close to be effective. Of course if you’re in your opp.'s face and you know what you’re doing it’s more effective, but Ken does not need to be up close to win. Show some patience, go for a sweep(knockdown), and dash in to get closer, if you have meter, poke/punish w/ cr. mk. > super then dash in. Part of having a good ken is being able to zone well with him. Part of being a good player is having patience.

I don’t feel like posting specifics of ken vs ryu and ken vs. remy…but ken is favored pretty heavily in these matchups. Just practice.