ken strats

i found that when i use ken the best strat for me would be to keep him on expansion and use his partner attack hurricane kick to start combos for my other characters. but as for fighting with him i found a four hit combo that can be led into most of the damage he can deal. as for the combo i will never reveal it because then it would be abused terrible( not to sound like a dick though) but if anyone can use him more efficiently please post here to rival what ive post’d.

Launch, super jump jab, roundhouse hurricane.

This is why scrubs shouldn’t talk.

Please shut up. Ranting about skrubs shouldnt talk. Last I recal everyone was a skrub once. And he is new to the site anyway. Cut him some fuckin slack.

I wouldn’t have minded if he didn’t go on like “the combo is really damaging BUT ITS A SEKRET i dont wanna reveal my secrets cuz ill win evo with it!”

Marvel is not that unexplored. Most people already know all the combos in it. It’s not combos that will get a character to be better than he/she is now.