Ken strenghts and weaknesses

could some of the ken players post kens strenghts and weaknesses because i wanna start playing as him and put him in my n-groove team (ryu’s in my c-groove)and i wanna get a good start on playing with him.


Allright, basically Ken is faster than Ryu. He has the capability of pulling of lots of different combos for good damage and stun, but individually his attacks dont do as much damage as Ryu. He has the ability to zone and to mix it up with some high/low games (never underestimate the flip kick “rdp+k” it can be annoying as hell to opponents, also the hcf+k series of kicks make for some nice mind games and pokes. Using Ken after using Ryu takes a change in strategy, you have to wear down your opponent using the ming games, and when possible land a super combo. The BnB for Ken is (crossup),, lvl 1 Shoyureppa (about 3280 damage at ratio 1). As far as weaknesses the rdp+k can be countered if he is still in the first part of the arc, hcf+k can be easily punished if thrown out at the wrong time.

Overall Ken is a very solid character, solid air defense, decent poking moves, good supers as far as damage and chip ability (lvl1 Shinryuken 1/3 guard meter), average life and stun points, wide variety of moves to choose from.


In my opinion, Ken is one of the most underated people in the game.
Everybody knows he’s good but they don’t know just how good.
His only ‘flaw’ is that hes attacks aren’t as powerrful as other chars by themselves. This is never an issue however as yolu should always be pulling of BnB’s or at LEAST 2 in 1’s. Hence this flaw is nonexistent.

That said his supers are good, his poking is great, he has decent combo potential and has soime mind games that’ll make you go mad.

Most importantly he plays NOTHING like Ryu.

No matter how many people you say all shoto’s are the same, they are not.
They aren’t even close. As a matter of fact the only thing in common is the are all shotokan. People see Tatsumaki Sempu Kyaku, Shoryuken, and Hadouken and go… hmpppph. Same character.

Use this to your advantage. Get your Ryu and Ken to fight in such different styles people willl have a really hard time adapting to you.

Lastly to be really good with Ken you need to be able to, (I’m assuming buffering is standard here,) Poke realy well. If your Ken can poke your ken can win.

Simple as that.