Ken the Eagle thread



no thread yet, might as well create one.


(j.)[4], 6A/B/C: Boomerang with 2 hits. Can be done in the air - try to charge, then jump with 7, immediately 6+attack.

(j.)623 A/B/C: Gallon-Style beast cannon. Free movement after the move completes.
A: horizontal angle
B: diagonal
C: vertical

(j.)421A/B/C: Teleports. Button determines where ken appears (always in the air). You can still attack or use special moves after the teleport (even another teleport), but no doublejump or airdash.

j.63214A/B/C: pseudo-divekick with multiple hits. Use the A or B Version in Combos.

(j.)623AB: [1 stock] looks like rock’s 23623K super from garou. Can be cancelled into from special moves, but is rather hard to combo in the air.

236AB: [1 stock] super with short range. Has a hitbox that extends a bit upwards, so it can be used in situations where 623AB wouldn’t hit anymore.

63214AB: [3 stocks]lvl3 super. Takes a crapload of preparation. Comboable, but needs really fancy setups and is probably not worth the trouble.

mandatory combo video:
some tips for the aerial combo:

  • i do it like this: j.A,j.A,j.Bj.B, doublejump back(!), j.B, slightly delay j.B, 623B, link j.B, 623C.

i used the stuff i learned with karas + inspiration from this vid and applied it to ken: [media=youtube]GMVuGGBzduc[/media]

some thoughts:

  • i suggest this chain combo for P-combos: 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C[2], P on 2nd hit of 2C
  • for baroque i use: any combo into 5C, AP, dash, 2A,5B,2B,5C…
  • ken has a really low airdash, should be great for pressure.


I’ve been main him because I was a big Gatchaman fan.

He’s pretty dope.

I think every character has an air dash into overhead. His is C.

He’s pretty hard to run away from thanks to his teleport imo

if you know what to do, his DP super is easily comboed in the air, but i don’t think you’ll get all the hits. At least I haven’t found a way to do it.

I’ve landed his lvl 3 super alot of times without even comboing into it. It punishes ALOT of whiffs. It’s really a bad idea to try and use a fireball on him when he has three meters. I need to import a wii.I need time to practice shit.


most airdash attacks seem to whiff if the opp crouches, that’s my experience with karas at least.

his lvl3 super actually freezes time when used as a shift-in super (while your other char does a super), which makes it easier to combo.


No love for Ken? I thought he was a pretty cool character. Kinda reminds me of Ruby Heart, but just barely.


I haven’t even played Karas yet. But I’ve noticed that characters lose altitude when you do an attack during an Airdash. I’e done it with Ryu, Chun, Jun, alex and Ken.


I love playing this guy. He can 6B into low jabs and punish fireballs using teleports from damn near anywhere on the screen. RTSD.


Don’t sleep… Ken is definitely godlike.


Ken is definiitely sick. I’m coming up with some bullshit right now.


I use Ippatsuman with Ken and 2aa,b,c,p,63214ab is an easy combo into level 3 super that’s not hard to do with decent timing. I’m willing to bet its pretty easy with most other assists.

One thing I overlooked for a long time while comboing with Ken was using the first hit of his 2c before baroque, it gets you close but the first hit doesnt knock him into the air if you’re fast enough, just make sure you still dash into the second combo if you want the whole thing to hit.

So it looks something like 2aa,b,2b,c,2c(first hit only),pa,2aa,b,2b,whatever ending you want (I usually launch).


I use Ken/Casshern and the combos into Ken’s Level 3 with Casshern assist just write themselves.


Ditto. I think he’s going to be popular at least for a little while. Just like in his source material it’s not at a good idea to shoot ANYTHING at this guy. It’s so easy to just teleport and punish projectiles on reaction.

He’s already FAST. That teleport is just insulting.


I threw away Alex the moment Ipicked Ken. THIS GUY IS INSANE.

I’m just doing foolishness like going low into that fast as hell overhead axekick (i think 6B), then going into crazy juggles and cross ups.

I still haven’t gotten down Baroque so i stick with aerial combos into teleport to sorta reset. My friends were starting to get pissed.

lol at his projectile. So easy to forget it comes back sometimes.


Ken’s :qcf::2p: is unscaled out of a combo ending in :dp::snka: from the middle of the screen. You end up just behind the opponent recovering from the hit making it impossible for them to block. If you do it in the corner, however, you won’t get behind them and they will be able to block the super.

So mid-screen I use:


That doesn’t sound unblockable at all. Just sounds like a cross-up that may work one time on a good player.


well, you are cancelling :dp::snka: with :qcf::2p:, I’m not sure how they would turn around to block it. It’s almost fast enough to combo, they don’t even begin the recover animation in the air until after the super starts.


If it doesn’t combo, they can block. Simple as that.


Probably depends on the character. Some characters might have animations to turn around. That made certain things unblockable on certain characters (Sentinel) in MvC2, if I remember correctly.


Just messing around with Ken a little today, he’s really fun to just goof around with, and I’m loving boomerang and teleport shenanigans.

Only tried with Ryu, so it could be character specific, but I’m pretty sure the “unscaled/unblockable” :qcf::2p: only crosses up. For some reason it connects every time with the training dummy set to auto guard, but a friend was able to block it fine.

You can however cancel his trip on the first hit into A srk then cancel that into the super and get it all to combo:
:d::snkc:(1 hit)xx:dp::snka:xx:qcf::2p:


Aha, well… unfortunately I do most of my practicing and testing on the training dummies either set to auto-guard or at max difficulty, I rarely get to play anyone else, nobody decent. I’m probably not even that good.


dont worry, none is THAT good now. the game is just 3 weeks. You have plenty of time to get better, as all of us. :tup: