Ken the eagle, top 5 character?

hey i was just thinkin ken the eagle is a possible top 5 tournament character because of his many strengths. let’s see

  1. he has a a good projectile( better than ryu’s in my opinion) which makes it hard to approach him because it comes back
  2. eagle rush catches a lot of people off gaurd because it’s so quick. eagle rush xx e.r super is punishment for sleeping foes
  3. a teleport that can be used anywhere and allows another attack to be used when it’s over. even another teleport is possible
  4. he has very fast mobility. his attacks are very fast too
  5. he can combo very well, too well i’d say
  6. his level 3 super can punish projectile spammers and causes severe damage. also when he does that leap right before his super he’s invincible. he can go through shinkuu hadoken, voltekka even real megabuster when he does the leap and super!

ken is definitely a top 5 character in my opinion but i think his boards are dead because he’s unpopular. whatever he is it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a top character. ken mainers gimme your input on ken’s standings in future tournament play because i main ken also and plan to use him at tournaments.

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@Zach k thanx.

I agree.

Hes supposed to be as nice and easy to play as Ryu, but he seemed too weird to play at first. Today I started picking him and I mashed shoryukens, hitting the backs of their heads with eagle rushes. Its so easy to control the space and attack from anywhere. Each time you hit an eagle rush in the air or baroke it on the ground you get a combo. What makes him easy to play is that he doesn’t need much precision to avoid damage because his special moves save you from getting punished on block; plus, his mobility allows you to overcome defense.

Ken was god tier in CGoH but now that he was nerfed he still has a lot of potential to be top but not so many people use him… I think he is one of the characters that more benefit from baroque and he has great moves to pressure