Ken trial 10????



I’m a newbie looking for advice on timing. I figured if I can do Kens trials and memorise them I’ll be well on my way. Only problem is that it’s easier said then done. I’m fine on the trials until it gets to more than a 2 move combo. I’m stumped at trial 10. I’ve tried all sorts of timings. My first 2 hits land but my third which is the shoryuken either doesn’t come out or misses completely because the first two hits push the opponent away. Do I buffer this? Is it just down to speed? Is there a shortcut I can use?

Any help would be great thanks.


start off with a forward jumping hard kick, then do a standing hard kick cancled into a medium punch shoryuken, so input medium punch shoryuken immediatly after hitting the standing hard kick, if the shoryuken is blocked then you were slow. after you get down the hardkick cancled into shoryuken try hitting mp+mk during the first hit of the shoryuken, you should get your shoryuken cancled into your focus attack kick for the cost of 2 ex bars. congratulations you completed trial 10.


Thank you very very much. I’ll be practicing this a lot. Hopefully I’ll be able to get there in a week or so. Steep learning curve and all.


Thanks for the advice. I was doing the combo way to slow before I’m surprised with the speed required for these combos but I’m getting a good feel for it. I got the golden “success” around 15 times on trial 10 so your help was very much appreciated.


Seriously, If you want to practice combos and work on execution, I would forgo learning the combos in the trials as most of them see very little use in actual play or require a ridiculous amount of meter making them sub-optimal. Instead I would look at the general discussion thread ( work your way through this. If you need additional help on timings, or just need a visual to help you get a better understanding, check on youtube for combo videos (just search some combination of Ken/SF4/SSF4/Combos and you should find something applicable to what you are working on).