Ken Trials Normal 4 Question

When I am doing the 2nd Combo:

[jump] fierce punch
[Crouch] fierce punch
whirwind kick

Do I go from holding Down (from [Crouch] fierce punch) and push the joystick “back” and then hit kick or do I have to release the stick and then do “QCB K”… I got the first combo after a hour but now I can’t do the second one.

Honestly, just practice it more. Discussing timing in this format is like dancing about architecture.

Split it up, first, get the c.hp xx tatsu down, play around with the timing. Once you can do that consistently, practice the j.hp xx c.hp. Once you have the 2 separate parts just spend a little time combining them.

I just got past it but can’t do it consitantly yet… the “jump, crouch” part down and noe I am on the third one… I am prolly gonna have to do it a couple thousand times lol but seriously a couple hundred.

you don’t have to go back to neutral. since you were already holding down just slide it and finish the rest of the qcb motion from the down position.

when you land you do the HP and the tatsu in the same motion

like this:

:d: + :hp:, :db:, :l: + :lk:

Make sure you are cancelling the hit. You don’t want to wait for the entire heavy punch to animate, you have to input the QCB and the kick as soon as you see the punch connect to cancel the punch.

QCT or QCB cancelling becomes second nature when you do stuff like this more often that you don’t have to see animations; you just do it, and it’ll come out.