Ken Trials

Hi, I am having a very hard time with trial #15 on SSFIV where I have to . . .

Jump [H] Kick
Target Combo

My question is, how exactly is the Target Combo done?

mp then hp straight after really quickly

ive tried that, it wont work :frowning:

you’re doing it wrong

That’s definitely how it’s done. Try pressing the select button in the trail, it will show you the button commands.

IDK if its the fact that im coming fresh off of MK9 but in that game in order to even do a 2 hit string you hit the 2 buttons consecutively, where as in the trials, if I do that, dan blocks the 2nd hit or only the 2nd hit comes out as the 1st. Im so frustrated with it lol

You can’t just mash out the moves and expect them to come out, in SSF4 combos usually require pretty precise timing :stuck_out_tongue: Though Ken’s target combo is an exception in that it’s pretty much an auto-combo like the mk9 strings.

Just do, wait a bit so you recover (returning your controller to neutral is best. Don’t try to start the followup while you’re still in the air), do mp hp in quick succession (though not too fast) while inputting the dp motion at the same time (there’s no hurry, just make sure you do a clean motion, otherwise you will get a super), then press hp for the dp and do another qcf+p for the super

You have to hit HP as soon as the MP hits… in fact, go after the HP immediately after you hit MP