Basically, they hit for hella damage w/ no meter, but what’s the best way to combo into Tron and into AHK for most damage? I’m getting 95 damage or so with Tron hit -> dash c.hp sj.lp AHK, so I think there’s potential, plus Tron sets up the Hurricane Kick Super or Shoyureppa for DHCing out/kills.

Ken/Cable/Tron and Ken/Storm/Tron are who I’m playing with, basically going for one or two large combos then s.hp xx Shoyureppa xx DHC to tag Ken out and keep the lead with the next character and Ken’s assist.


I can’t add anything to a Ken/Tron discussion, but I have been using Ken in the open slot on the JuggerHulk template lately with rather good results.

Ken brings a surprising amount to the table:

  • b0mbsac anti-air stops standard Mag/Storm TJ-rushdown cold.

  • Good damage for no meter if you can land a launch (yes, the air hurricane kick).

  • DP super = ultimate “twitch” super, even better than Jugg (who’s on board, too :D:evil: ).

  • Free Headcrush or unmashable Gamma Crush with any landed DP super; lotta hurt for 2 bars.

  • AA provides excellent “double crush” on the wall with Hulk on point… often snags point plus assist (for a deeper explanation of Hulk’s “double crush”, check his folder).

  • Reasonably good stamina for a “call until he d@mn near dies” AAA… lots better than Psylocke or Cammy, anyway.

  • Pretty diverse array of colors available (doesn’t mean squat, but hey…)

Not saying he’s breaking into the Big 4 anytime this decade or anything, just that he has his positive aspects… if you think he might fit your team schematic, give him a looksee! :cool:


I’ve been pimpin’ Ken for a while now, his biggest flaw is that his launcher blows hard. Ken w/ Storm’s launcher would be top tier. Just trying to figure out assists that would set up his meterless 50% combo…


you could try to do his assist and roll behind them,and whatever combo you want


Ken/Tron is overated imo. If you wait for all 3 hits from Tron to connect, by the time you launch into the air combo, the damage will be buffered severely. It’s decent, just not as much as you’d expect it to be.


I usually just go on two hits, Kai.

And 95 damage w/ no super isn’t overrated in my book. :confused:

I’m just suprised at the general lack of intrest in Ken in this forum… He has a great assist, a 2nd usable assist (expansion) and large damage no super combos, in addition to a very fast reasonable damage super in Shoyureppa, also very DHC friendly.


when you take into consideration how much damage Tron usually does and that Ken can get around 80 units of damage without buffering, 95 isn’t that much to cream your pants about. overall, i’d say you have a pretty overrated duo right there in terms of how effectively it can be played. There are far better assists to give to ken than Tron. (I use this duo as well in case you can’t tell) It’s fun. But assists that zone for Ken to cover his rushdown so he can actually land that one hit he needs are far more effective.


i totally agree, ken brings the pain, and hes easy to combo with.