Ken tutorial- More Advanced!

what’s up guys…I’ve put up the new Mastering Mr Masters episode up which is on counter hit setups and combos…this episode should be suitable for beginners- to even advanced ken users. hopefully we will see more people using target combo after light tatsu crossup!!! as I never see anyone utilising this…even the top Ken players. Anyway hope you enjoy and beginners not to worry if you can’t do the more advanced stuff watch the FADC combos at the end to see what he is capable of.


The reason you don’t see top players using Target combo is because its unreliable, you take a chance far MP is going to come out and your damage will scale less with cr.HP/St.HP

hey shinebox i don’t think it’s unreliable you just got to do a cross up tatsu close which is easy to do off of a throw

Does it work on every character?

Because the hit box has been improved in 2012 it should do…i’ll have a check now though and get back to you just to be sure bro

YO Shinebox you’ll be happy to know that it works on all characters crouching and standing and on top of that target combo shoryu does more damage than ST.H or CR.H!!!

Nice video bro

Nice video dude, I could’ve done with this a few months back lol Also, that accent sounds english, you live in the UK?

Thank you so much man…means a lot…hopefully when I go to USA I can run some sets with you, see how uk stacks up

hey bro yeah I do. Sorry about that I had this idea for a Ken tutorial before AE dropped but i’m glad I didn’t put it out because now i’m actually good with ken so the knowledge would of been half assed at best lol…still going to do an in depth OS tutorial so if you don’t know how to do kens double and triple option selects stay pealed :slight_smile:

Awesome so do I. Now i’m hoping you play on PC because we could get some games in :slight_smile:

unfortunately no im on xbox bro