Ken ver. 2013 wishlist



Apparently the other character forums are getting moist over Ono’s teasing of another balance update via Twitter, and have taken the initiative to start posting up what changes they would like to see made to their characters.

I think it’s only fair that we do the same, just in case the Mayan zombie/nuclear/Black Materia-summoned meteor/whatever apocalypse somehow ends up not happening.

Since I know my fellow Ken army brothers take their craft very seriously, I am confident we will be able to brainstorm and come up with only the finest and sensible requests for Ken tweaks.

I will begin the proceedings.

my humble request


4f startup for far s. HK; +7 on hit


Your change would compel me to learn Ken and turn into a roundhouse-spamming pseudodictator.


combo into sweep back

shave off 1 frame from ken’s fireball recovery
hk tatsu to be 0 frames or +1 on hit
srk> FADC> full ultra
crazy kicks from cvs2
command overhead from cvs2


Hmph… I really like the current Ken but if I could choose some changes I would say:

*Better backdash. I avoid finishing bnbs with ex tatsu against some characters because of that.
*Slightly better walk speed. (I really feel like he needs this)

I would really like to be able to link a (counter hit) into sweep, but I dont think they would change the sweep back to 7f, and +1f adv on a would mean being able to link into cr.hp (very ryu style). I know that right now you can link a (CH) into sweep when the mp hits in the last active frames, but still… very occasional.

Obviously not going to happen:

*Crazy kicks.

  1. high priority
    Sweep total frame count changed to 21f
    start up changed from 8f to 7f -6 on Block

If not then leave the total frame count the same and add one to recovery and remove one from start up

  1. lower priority
    Fix his SRK it should be an anti air.
    Focus Attack extend hit box lower and foward
    far st.HK lower hit box start up changed to 9f
    cr.HP start up changed to 4f hurt box extended forward
    cr.MP start up changed to 4f +5 on on hit

  2. Want to nerf something to buff him?
    make sweep 7f start up and far.ST MP +6 on hit
    nerf the target combo to 90 dmg (no one uses this still) and buff his cr.HP to 4f start up and extend the hit box forward

Walkspeed is actually fine because of his step kick and pokes they are too damn good. His backwards walk speed, dash and dash back are the same as Ryu’s already. His focus parry dash forward is better than Ryu’s.

There is nothing really wrong with this character aside from #1 he’s a mixup character that can’t combo into UKD… it’s like Ryu being a zoning character with fireballs that do not travel all the way across.


[]One thing I want is for his jab SRK to leave the opponent airborne for 2 extra frames, so I can do his brainless 4 frame safe jump from Super, and do jab SRK > Kara EX SRK anywhere on screen.
]Making his HP/EX SRK hit everyone after a cr. short, cr. jab , cr. fierce string would be nice too.
[]1 frame more invulnerability on every SRK.
]Slow down the travel speed slightly of jab fireball and increase the speed of fierce.
[]1 frame less recovery on jab and strong fireballs, but 1 frame less start-up on fierce.
]Faster sweep would be awesome but I’d feel like I’m being too greedy already.


I would too actually prefer to have recovery frames changed on the LP and MP fireballs over sweep and have HP start up 1 frame faster :stuck_out_tongue:


idk, i like current ken tbh. but i think i would take either faster forward speed or frame changes for st hk. other than that, ken is pretty damn fine imo.


Wish list

  • walk speed
    7 frame sweep -6 on block .
    +1 on hit of Overhead mk also make it two hits like guy’s .
    Hp srk as an anti air.
    Better far st mp hitbox
    9 frame far standing hk .
    +1 on block for ex fire ball .
    Better knock down distance for ultra 2.
    +1 on mk tatsu and 0 on hk tatsu .
    jab srk recovery back to super for that awesome auto safe jump.

And a Ken might actually win a major.


Ryu is good enough to win a major. Ken is better than Ryu. Nobody just plays him is all. He’s plenty good enough to win a big tournament already.


@Komatik who are the top players that won a major with ken ? u tell me ?
daigo him self said no …when he was asked in kuwait if he would switch to ken and if he’d win a major with him ?? actually it was more like hell no
the japs consider dragon boy and kichi the best kens and they never won a major .
Wao dropped ken , ichi also was complaining about ken and switched to evil ryu .
Momochi switched .


yes yes yes! this should definitely be a high priority. Ken NEEDS a two hit normal. his close combat footsies suffers greatly because of this. Focus Attacks are Ken’s worst enemy.

strongly disagree



really all Ken would really need is better fireball recovery, really just one frame, and better walkspeed/dash

And even with my 10+ year Ken loyalty i’d have to agree than Ken is defenitly not as good as Ryu, he’s just a different playstyle and does have the ability to win a major with a good player behind him

whelp thats my two cents :smiley:


I would love for a 2 hitting OH
Fix his f.SRK
GIVE HIM BACK THE SWEEP! Was there a specific reason they took it away form him?


whats wrong with it?


Can’t be used as an anti air… not a legit way to AA *


7 frame sweep -6 on block . - If I had to give something up for this, make far st.MP +6 on hit instead of +7
Hp srk as an anti air. - increase recovery by the amount of invincibility frames they add (so if they add 2 invincibility frames add 2 to recovery)
10 frame far standing hk . - 120 damage down from 130 if 9 frame drop the damage to 110

His fireball already does less damage than Ryu and is 3 frames slower overall. Akuma and Evil Ryu’s fireballs recover and start up faster as well. So these should be changed without nerfs
Fireball start up on HP reduced by 1 frame
Fireball recovery and LP reduced by 1 frame
Fireball start up and recovery reduced by 1 frame on MP <— Now I’m being greedy :stuck_out_tongue:

I know he can soft knockdown with HP SRK but I want to know when opponent gets up not them. Also right now Ken’s best anti air can be safejumped, you shouldn’t be able to jump into Ken of all characters.

When the fear of getting hit with an HP SRK comes from dropping a link instead of jumping in there is seriously something wrong.


changing f.srk recovery would mess up kens game a bit … I would ask for a buff without a nerf specially for f.srk .


Then add 2 frames invincibility 2 frames recovery and buff the damage to 170

Either that or make MP/EX SRK start up in 3 frames without nerf

His anti air options right now need work