Ken Video Thread: "Phew! I bet that would make for one exciting replay!"




A lot of these videos have extra details in the description of the videos, so click the youtube logo in the video commands to watch on the youtube page.

“Ken Howitzer” POC by Pan


V-Trigger cancelling normals on block by Jay Rego


Combo guide by evilneeko


Safe jump off MK Tatsu by @Sephiroth73003


Ken’s Okizeme Triangle by @notGeckoRoman


Crossup MK Tatsu by Pan


Crossup/Crossunder after CC st.HK by @notGeckoRoman

Ken Combo/Tech Thread


Match Videos

Momochi videos




Unorganized release version matches


4th beta


Chris Tatarian videos






Julio videos

Winter Brawl X



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“Phew! I bet that would make for one exciting replay!”

Ehhhhh? The only Ken quote I can find that relates to videos/recordings. I’d probably shorten it but keep the Ken “dialect”


That winquote was actually the first one that crossed my mind but I kinda didn’t want to since its SFIV. might as well though


got my copy today and <3 Ken SFV
Lets go! :slight_smile:


On a scale of 1 to 10, how powerful is meaty into cr.lp as a confirm online right now?

I didn’t see a single block.


maybe 6 - not rly sure, I played Phenom and some other EU tournament players
caught them a few times off guard with it.
What I also tried is cr. HP CC run cr. HP light tatsu for a cross up and then 2x. cr. LP into fierce SRK + VT in case the cross up gets blocked
I delayed the run after th first CC a few times and then it didn’t cross up
Not sure if ken was able to do this before, but once VT I can tatsu into ex tatsu
st. HK CC in the corner into LP SRK into EX SRK into VT SRK

I need to test stuff more tomorrow so I can report back


Yah he could do this in beta 4. Can you test if you can do HP -> v-skill -> target combo with v-trigger? You could do that in beta 2 i believe…


Hi Forum,

If you are looking for strong fundamental Footsies play with Ken here is your video! I was the first Ken in Beta #2 to use Ken this way. I ended up using him in an aggressive way while not focusing on combos or V-Skill pressure. Of course you should add those into your gameplay as well. If you want to see how to best use Ken’s Normals and Anti-Airs you’ll benefit from the this video a lot. I’d like to know how you’ve improved because of it! Leave your feedback here or questions and we’ll talk about it.


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Does anyone know the plus frames on air ex tatsu? I was measing around with it and noticed its safe to rashids 4f jab.


Momochi using that b+mp too nicely.


[quote=“BustyWallace, post:12, topic:177806”]

Momochi using that b+mp too nicely.


first of all … I’d never have imagined that Momochi would use such a gamertag… hiding in plain sight? haha

Anyway, the use of st.lp is really nice. also that close-quarters fishing … :smiley:



Ahhhhh! I seem to be having trouble against Nash. Tips welcomed.
I see how passive I am once I cornered my opponent, I gotta fix that soon.
I also need to work on using that v-meter. After some training, I noticed Ken’s v-trigger is actually really great against zoners.
Also gotta make sure I punish EVERY flippy kick he does, instead of blocking them. Hopefully in time, I’ll be able to do that every time.


What’s the deal with his target combo dropping midscreen? That’s happened to me a few times as well. Is it character-dependent? Range-dependent? Both? Not sure.


I believe you can late-cancel the target combo, if you do that the juggled opponent will already be too low


H.tatsu drops at closer ranges vs. certain characters. Nash and Bison are some of the offenders. I don’t have a full list but after grinding survival for 3 days I can confidently say that it has inconsistencies through the roster, I don’t know what to blame it on either, I just assumed their “juggle state” hurtboxes are different and causing issues with h.tatsus hitbox.


Nash’s float hurtbox seems a little weird. I’ve whiffed my HP DP juggle after connecting air ex tatsu against him quite a few times.


As a fresh student really trying to improve in neutral this really caught my eye. If I have it correctly, the neat thing about his TC is that you can just use the quick and buffer hp, so if they happen to stick out a limb or dash forward, you automatically get both hits without needing to confirm.

Similarly with st.lp, I see its truth now. It only links to TC on counterhit, but using it in Oki means outside of clear mistakes, the only time jab will hit will be if they are pushing buttons.

But with the way you are all speaking about it, maybe it is too early for me to be incorporating these into my game.