Ken Vids: Normal Tatsu Cross-up U2, Mid-screen EX FB FADC Full U1, and more

Just contributing my shit on Ken. I hope ya’ll find it usefull…

LK Tatsu Crossup Ultra2

Ken Midscreen EXFADC Full Ultra1 Combo on Wide Hitbox Characters

HPSRK Ultra2 Combo

LK Tatsu EXFADC Combo

Ken Good Ultra2 Setups

Ken Great Corner Combo’s

Midscreen LPSRK into Kara EXSRK

Fake EX Tatsu Crossup Vs True EX Tatsu Crossup

Ken’s 123 Ultra2 Combo this is notting… but don’t you worry bout that mod o_0

Ken Mixups with the Trickyness

Very very nice, although I know about everything beside the midscreen FADC full U1 combo. I’ll make a list of everyone it works on like I did for close standing roundhouse xx hadoken FADC full U1 against crouchers–later today. Also, these vids should help me with jump in cross-up tatsu distances. Sexy.

Not enough crouch fierce. =O But still good primer vids for newcomers wanting to learn the core gameplay behind Ken.

I don’t even think crouch fierce is possible after a tatsu cross up but whatever.

Actually it is. If you can ultra 2, which is 7 frames, after cross up tatsu then crouch fierce is certainly possible with it being 5 frames. It’s a matter of spacing really. But there were multiple videos that had nothing to do with cross up tatsu, which I did watch and you obviously didn’t. o_o That could of had crouch fierce in them, which is what I was referring to.

Good shit.

You can on honda, after heavy dp knockdown.

I was thinking his rationale was that crouching fierce is very unsafe if whiffed (anyone remember Banana Ken vs. JSMaster match at SBV:R?), so he used crouching strong instead. Who knows, but yeah, might as well include crouch fierce in these vids as much as one can I would think.

Works anywhere on the screen:
E.Honda, Makoto, Dudley, Guile, Rufus, Balrog

Works only in the corner:
Ryu, Ken, Ibuki, Akuma, Gen, Dan, Juri, C.Viper, M.Bison, Cody, Guy, Blanka, Vega, Fei Long, T.Hawk, Adon, Rose

Does not work at all:
Seth, Gouken, Sarkua, Dhalsim, Abel, Sagat, Cammy, Hakan, Zangief, El Fuerte

Forgot about:
Chun-Li, Dee Jay (but I’m sure it doesn’t work midscreen with them)

@ Blase, thx I have not taken the time to do that so it’s apreciated…
Well I have to say this about the tatsu crossup into u2. You have to hit it really late so you get the most time out of the hitstun to hit u2.
And about the distances: If you throw your opponent backwards you get the max distance to tatsu cross with hk, a lil closer and you get the distance for crossing up with mk and we all know the close one with lk…

@ Ikaru, this aint about crouching fierce buddy…

@ Blase, it might work on chung li… not sure but she is pretty fat (hitbox) and her legs are weird…

Annyway all ya’ll thx for the feedback…

But cr.fierce is awesooomee

Cr.fierce IS awesome :lovin:

Great stuff, the inputs would have been the icing on the cake though…regardless awesome stuff.
I could hear your inputs on the joystick, so it helped with the eye to ear visual of the tatsu combos.

Keep the videos coming!

Yes it is, cr. fierce is awesome… Lol, hehe but this aint about crouching fierce still…

These combos

I can easily juggle ex.shoryu from lp.dp in the corner… why is mp.dp so much harder? They both have 4 frames start-up.

Because enemy are in the juggle state. U can juggle him only on second dp hit not first.
Mp dp first hit has 3 active frames and exp dp 2.
and mp dp can hit enemy in the juggle state only on 8 frame. exp dp on 7.

Bookmarked!!! Thank you! One day I will be advanced enough to pull some of those off.

Good videos, but honestly the only thing really interesting here to me is the “Ken Mixups with the Trickyness” video. I think Ken does more damage with his BnB than his Ultra setups really.

How do you force that tatsu to cross up? I’m talking about the one that goes straight up and comes down … How do you do that?

How should I say this at the apex of ken neutral jump try doing the tatsu right before he starts to fall, all I know is that the move only works on some characters not all of them I hope this helps you. Also I wanted to show these two vid’s to see if they would help. (sorry for having no sound)


It’s like he said at the apex of your jump…