I ask people about this match-up and I always get the same answer: Chun-Li owns Ken!!

But why? As a character ken seems to have way more balance.

Better dash into low shorts or throw, rushdown PLUS a solid uppercut. Add to that one of the most useable if not the best chain in the game-s.MP>s.HPxx whatever, he seems to be better to me. He HAS to be better than Yun and Yang guaranteed.

But 90% of SF community say Chun-li is better. Can someone please post the reason as to why and state her advantages in this match-up? Peace!!!

well…her feirce…its pretty much the single thing that makes her top teir in that game…oh wait…her throw priority. standing fierce is great for ground attacks and for an anti-air. meanwhile her jumping fierce is a two hitter. she can also throw in the air after a parry or what not. her low roundhouse is a great sweep. and her spinning bird kick is annoying, crossesover sometimes, and usaully hits for more then what you’re expecting. a lot of her supers can be linked to single moves. she can jump off the side of the stage, hew ex kioken goes the whole screen and travels pretty slowly…whcih can be use to create the ‘v-ism akuma glitch’ where you can block both hich and low at the same time, and dash in low forward super. shit like that makes chun li top tier and a charactor that can beat ken.

I’m not saying who is better and what not, but seriously I don’t see how Chun Li “Owns” Ken.
She might be better but not much by my experiences.

Actually, it’s my understanding from things I’ve heard, videos I’ve watched, and experience, that Ken counters Chun Li very well. Hit far standing roundhouse stuff most of her moves if the distance and timing is correct and it’s really easy to punish her random (or almost random) pokes with his SAIII. Just watch how JOE handled Chun Li in the first cooperation cup.

alright, i’ll try to break it down.

with no super, I would say Chun Li is at a disadvantage to Ken, especially Ken with meter. You basically get a ground based poke match with Ken mixing up dashes, roundhouses, etc.

Ken can punish whiffed fierces and low forwards (if his reactions are good enough), and sweeps work well on her. He can push her into the corner and kill her before she gets meter.

that’s the positive.

On the flip side, if Ken whiffs his rh, or eats 2 or 3 fierces, then Chun’s meter gets filled pretty fast.
Ken is forced to play a ground game against her, he can’t really jump towards a smart Chun because she has toooo many anti air options: air throw, air fierce fierce, back fierce, standing fierce, standing strong, low strong, low roundhouse, standing roundhouse, jab, or kara throw (get the point?).

Once Chun has meter, Ken’s options disappear. Dashing becomes vulnerable to backfiercexsuper or low forward super, fireballs are easily supered through or punished even if it hits or is blocked close enough. RH is punished if whiffed OR blocked.
All his pokes are very vulnerable to getting beaten by Chun’s very good backfierce or low forward. With the threat of low forward super, Chun begins to get throws for free, which kills Ken’s turtle game, and to make it worse, she has an above avg. kara throw.

The standard thought on this matchup is: Ken wins first round by killing Chun before she get’s meter. 2nd round she has one meter, so she charges the 2nd bar for free (ken has no options remember?). Thus, she always has at least one meter, or very close to one meter, and Ken loses the next two rounds.

It’s a very tough matchup for Ken, it is NOT unwinnable, but it is very very tough if the Chun plays smart, safe, and abuses the low forward link.
To put it another way, an average Chun can give a good Ken lots of trouble.

wassup paul :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. What would be Ken’s best strat vs super ready Chun-li?


you basically have to be on the top of your game. punish all whiffed fierces (standing and forward) with either low roundhouse or low forward super. you need above average reflexes to do this.

try to push her in the corner to get her to whiff a move, then punish! bait out her whiff throw animation and back fierces. if this chun likes doing back fierce into fb, parry the fb and punish.

try to get her to burn meter with her ex spinning bird kicks, i like to punish with super, if you mistime your low forward you will be in a vulnerable position.

if you have 100% life and 1 meter chun hits super on her, take advantage of the situation, do as much damage as you can before she recovers that meter.

hope that helps.

hey paul, say you’ve beaten the stuffing out of chun round 1, she’s at tiny bit of health, you’re close to full, but she’s already built 1 meter, would it be advisable to throw a fireball and bait out the super, so she no longer has meter to sit on for the rest of the round? I figure, if you’re way up on life, you can absorb the super, and still squeek out a victory for that match. Plus, the super really doesn’t do THAT much damage, like 40%. So, if you’re 75% life, vs 25% Chun, and you bait out super, it becomes 35% vs 25% Chun with no meter.

Not sure…I’m playing theory fighter here…

eric: you can, and I have seen many people try it.

Would I do it? Depending on the situation. If I was up 75% to 25% no I wouldn’t do it. Why turn a guaranteed round one victory to a marginal win/possible loss, with no guarantee that you’ll win round 2?

If I was up >75% to ~5%… then yes I would probably do it, but having played Chun Li, I wouldn’t waste the super.

When I am in Chun in this situation, I see the Ken trying to bait super, what do I do? Let him do silly baiting tactics and punish with fierces until he get’s <50%. Then I am one low forward from stealing the match.

So be careful in this situation, don’t throw away the round!

well, my chunli sucks ass…so…dont’ count me in