Ken vs chun/yun

these are ken’s biggest matchups, i have problems against chun though as i do with all my characters, against smart/turtle chun what do you do? i low forward super when she stand fierces, sweeping is okay against her, standing rh is okay, kinda risky and jumping in is not that smart against her. basically do you somehow knock down and try to play REALLY smart from there?

ps: i am asking for tips because i am a scrub

there is a very in depth ken vs. yun entry on there.

I sweeping really safe?
Can’t she like reversal super on you?

I’m actually looking forward to the replies on this thread since I need serious help on fighting Chun. I have the hardest time getting in, but once I’m in I usually beat shit out of her and all I really have to worry about are wakeup SBKs. I hope that helps, because I rarely fight Chuns nowadays, just a bunch of Kens, Yuns, Hugos, and Dudleys. As for Yun, I have nothing to say either, I’m a huge scrub at it…but I usually don’t give a fuck about Genei-Jin and fight back every now and then.

yun i don’t have a problem with, but chun i sweep her at the tip of my toe, i dunno if safe or not, and i standing rh her rh at the tip

If she doesn’t have meter, it’s safe to do if your at max or near max range. It’s never safe if you do it close to her, meter or not she can punish you with either stand fierce, or SAII.

well against yun, i would say dont be afraid to throw out a shoryuken once in awhile. its not exactly safe but yuns constant offense can get stuffed by a random shoryuken.

for Chun Li id say whore and mk cross up as much as you can.

you can’t whore against chun -_-;;

don’t random srk either -_-;;

chun fierce comes out faster than ken RH… but sometimes it just works

ppl say chun dominate the ground and not the air… this is super untrue. air throw/air target combo mixup = :wtf:

try this against chun tho
stay a couple pixels outside her range then random high parry/block. her pokes at that range can be parried high. then upon successfully parrying, proceed to shippu immediately :tup:

against chun, tick throws or parry her cr.lp…and lots of cr./st.roundhouse when she doesn’t have super.
you can counter a blocked ex sbk w/ sa3. not sure w/ this thou

When playing against Yun w/SA2 and I am pushed into the corner he ends up behind me when it ends (so now Yun is in the corner). I was wondering what good offensive strats and options I have at this point? I would like to throw but I’m not sure what chances I’m going up against after he recovers quickly. Is there a certain frame range that is best for throwing Yun after this? Etc, etc.

Against Chun, don’t do c. mk a lot. It’s slow as hell and easily parried (opportunity for Chun to c. mk -> sa2). Ken’s c. mp works well. It comes out quicker and plus you can cancel his sa3 extra late. Takes practice though. However, don’t try to connect Ken’s overhead -> super. She crouches really low and only hits her once. :tdown: is really bad, her outranges you badly.

EX SBK can be reversal mp srk xx super didnt daigo do that vs ohnuki in evo2k3?

Buffer qcf’s while outside of her low fwd range, then when she throws it out, super her limb. Kinda risky since she can FP you but works sometimes. I think daigo did this to Jwong at evo2k4 but I didn’t see any buffering. (edit) he did buffer.

If Yun goes for the full screen dash set-up (not the sholder, sholder set-up) try and stick a short, short out for a hit confirm on the lk’s timing. That dash, lk link is pretty hard to time, I’ve seen people miss it a few times. I even got a short, short in once but I failed to hit confirm. It doesn’t really matter if they don’t miss it because there is nothing you can do anyways so you might aswell go for it. It would have been a life saver if I had have canceled it with shippu propperly.

You’re talking about when Yun does lunge punch, c.short, palm on a crouching opponent right? It’s better to just block it. The lunge punch, c.short link isn’t really that hard so you can’t count on people missing it by such a big margin that you can short short them in between. If you try to hit him between the lunge punch and the c.short you’ll probably just end him getting hit by the c.short anyway, when you could have block it.

Then you still have the preasure on you and he still has the upper hand. If you get the knock down then it’s geni-jin over. Ahh well, it worked for me, I have no doubt it will work again. But I agree blocking is still a good way to go.