Ken vs Gief


Ken vs Gief is a three part street fighter video, created mostly using The Street fighter EX2+ replay function. In it, I’ve tried to dipict the story of a big ass fight between Ken and Zangief. There’s no dialog but it’s easy to understand what’s going on (Mainly because there’s not a lot going on). To break things up a bit there’s also lots and lots of combos in there too, from many different SF games inc. 3s, HyperZero, HyperSF, SF Collection, SF: movie and of course SFEX2.

I’ve been working on it for faaaaar too long but I just finished the last episode and it’s all here for your viewing displeasure.

You can download them from


Chapter 1: Confrontation
Ken spies Zangief kicking in Chun Li, they have a bit of a flash back then a big fight. Ken loses.

**Chapter 2: Training
Ken needs to get back in shape so he has a big rocky style training montage. **

**Chapter 3: Vengeance
Back on top form, Ken again confronts Zangief. This time he plans ahead but it doesn’t always go the way he wants it to. **

Just want to say thanks to Buttermaker for helping me out with some sprite rips and majestros for being helpful and donating some footage :slight_smile:

Again, all comments are welcome :slight_smile:


Seen those vids on combovideos…Great work man, luvin’ it


^Yeah, I kind of got that hint at the end too… I wonder if it had any meaning. I love the SF 2012 dream he has, it’s cool. Like “Hmm, hmm, yeah! :confused: Nahh…”

Edit: I love it how you blended the 2D in with the 3D…


What is the name of the song in the trailer?:pleased:


scratches head


Hot n Cold by Basement Jaxx.

I don’t think combovideos have the 3rd part up yet but I think it will be there soon :slight_smile:


Great stuff, you have really cool ideas and nice video edit skills.


Just wanted to say, Desk, that I think your editing in Part 3 was phenomenal. I love it. Keep it up! I would love seeing more creative work like this done in more future Combo Videos.

And btw, does EX3 have that playback camera manipulation thing that EX2 had? 'Cause if it did, the fact that you ACTAULLY managed to maniuplate that camera to your advantage proves you have far more patience than I. :slight_smile: I couldn’t get the EX2 ones to cooperate at all.

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the link to your 3rd youtube vid isnt working btw, it resets after the 5 second mark? the links to trailer and 1st vid worked fine though.


Must be a problem on your end as I have no problems with it at all…


Thanks muchly for the feedback guys makes me feel a bit better about spending quite so much time on these vids, lol.

jchensor, Thanks :slight_smile: I don’t think EX3 has the replay thing. I really wish it did though because I would have been using it too. As for the EX2 replay thing, When I first had the idea and was messing on with it, I got hella annoyed. It’s really counter intuitive and seems limited. However after I got the hang of it I was able to get shots really quickly. The thing that will probably make me think twice before doing it again though is the fact that you have to record the round, save it, load it and edit, save it again and then load and capture the replay. That’s why the whole thing took me so long, as I would take about 20mins getting 1 or 2 replay’s then get really sick and not bother with it again, sometimes for weeks, lol. Also what was not really time consuming but quite difficult was editing the replay’s together to make it seem like a single fight.

fishjie, The youtube link is fine, like DD said I think the problem is on your end.


As verification, EX3 does NOT have the replay nor the director mode (thats to be expected as rushed as EX3 was [only 3 months separating the PSX release of EX2+ and the PS2 release of EX3, heck japanese didn’t even have an ingame commandlist]).

In which, while I might not have used it that much, I can defintely see the advantages of using it now. Too bad I hate EX2+ lol

That said, those were some cool ass juggles with Ken.

Great job


That was a pretty awsome vid man. Props :slight_smile:


good job man, nice vids.


Awesome! really nice videos.


Good stuff, and nice editing too! :tup:


That was really innovative. Good shit mang. The music choice in the trailer was supoyb too!


wow desk, good job. that was a really clever series. I really enjoyed it. basic combos all the way up to zany combos told in a new way that hasnt been done yet. and the editing was REALLY good, especially chapter 3.



Awesome stuff dude!


I enjoyed this a lot.