Ken vs Gief


impressive editing, kinda boring though. obviously others enjoyed it though, so don’t take my lack of interest personally.


you could have SPDed with gief, then super jump immediately afterwards to get close to the opponent, and meaty tick SPD them again, to super jump, tick, FAB


Desk wins SRK


now make a series where it’s nothing but Gief raping ppl plzkthx


on that note. I want to see some activate -> palm palm palm palm SPD.


Well done, i enjoyed it.


Ken’s no doubt a skilled fighter, but he sucks at walking.

Kudos for the pimp Mr. X theme.


Third chapter made me laugh like a madman. Top tier stuff.


Before this gets pushed off the first page :sweat: Would anyone be willing to danate footage to another project? I’m thinking of doing a similar thing but featuring some different characters. However, I’m not too keen on spending hella time recording combo’s. I’d really want to concentrate on the ‘movie’ bits. Majestros was kind enough to give me a few clips for this video, so would anyone else be willing to contribute to the next one? Obviously everyone would be credited for their efforts.


I’m willing to help a little if there’s something I can do.


I’m not bumping this thread to get more views, honest:sweat: .

laugh, Can you record and get footage? Although I haven’t started the next vid yet, all I’m looking for is some peeps who could record some awesome combo’s for me. With whichever 2 characters will be in the video. I’ll probably take quite a while putting the vid together so there would be bags of time to get stuff done. Also, thanks for offering dude!


Good vid. Best ending ever.


Yo Desk I´m getting a USB2 capture card and splitter soon anyway so I´ll record some stuff… When I get it of course.


Yeah, no problem. I can record stuff. I haven’t done anything in the video department in ages so why not do something.


I watched it all and I must say it was both well done and entertaining. Didn’t know you could land a shippu on chun li after a throw in the corner either. So I learned something, too. :slight_smile:


^^yeah it’s pretty pointless though, as i takes off less than a throw. It’s cool to use when you want to be flashy though, especially for the KO. Also you’ll notice that during the super flash, part of the background breaks. Everything is supposed to freeze during this time but if it happens on the same frame as the super flash it happens anyway. It’s the same pricipal as the ‘moving during super freeze’ glitch you’ve probably seen before.


I’m on KYSG’s page! the street fighter geek inside me can now die happy, lol.
(scroll to the bottome of the page)

This is probably only because I include KYSG as an inspiration for the vid but, whatever I don’t care. The Mac Daddy of 3s wrote about my vid so I’m happy :slight_smile: Also jchensor and the ode to the 2 hit combo is mentioned.

From what I can tell it seems positive but maybe he dosn’t dig the music? I don’t know. Can anyone who speaks japanese better than me translate?


Good job glances around

Maybe Ryu vs Hugo :slight_smile:


Yeah, you and me both, Desk. ^^ He’s mentioned my 2-Hit Video on his site and previously thanked me (and Majestros and Kamui) once IN one of his other combo videos. TO be mentioned by kysg was seriously one of the highlights of my SF career, as sad as that may sound. ^^


oh man, now I want to be mentioned in a KYSG video :frowning: lol, props man, I’m seriously jealous.

Also, just want to say I totally loved Ode to the 2 hit combo. I’ve still got the HQ version eating up space on my hard drive, haha.


Is this still available anywhere?