Ken vs ken matchups

i recently played in a tourney where I had to fight a ken on par with my own. The rounds were close a majority of the time and I couldnt really take advantage of kens moves. Basically it went down to whoever fucked up the most lost that round. We both played ken sa3.

I know about low forward \ low rh reversals on block. That takes away some shoto ground lock but fighting in general was a little tough. I played solid as fuck and still had a hard time. Im fast enough to punish a wiffed low fwd or low rh but what do you do against someone who can play just as solid. I think i punished him once on a low fwd wiff and he never did it after that.

whats everyone doing for this matchup. If you rush down, you can easily be countered. If you turtle, you could be on the recieving end of a rush down.

halfy way through the matches I started playing at a fast slow pace if you can understand that. It worked fairly well but I dont know if he had a problem adjusting or if i just got lucky.

I thought about switching to kens sa2 which will do half life on any combo setup. I thought i could just build it up and hold onto it till he fucked up then bust him. If he wouldnt let me have an opening id just throw him till hed open up. It would also stop him from jumping in at me and I would probably have the air game on my side. Has anyone tried to switch up supers for this match up?

I play but Im nobody special I will add my two cents though.

I usually go with SAIII-Ken also so if I get a mirror match going I’ll see how solid they play. However the answer to your situation is context sensitive.

Lets say we’re doing a single match. I will go with SAIII because its basic default for me. Simply because I know how to use it effectively with my play style.

Now if we’re doing 2 out of 3 matches and hes got a 95% solid play style I just make mix it up with SAII. The reason being is due to the random factor. You would gain a very small edge simply because your using a SA that people dont normally fight against.

My strat would be to control the air as well as rely on him being too used to fighting against SAIII.

One tip : Watch his jump-in’s. See what he does more, jumping attack or jumping parry. Seeing as though your going to have air control he will probably be more weary of coming with a jumping attack. Insted he may try to bait a shoryuken or SAII out of you and just parry it. Mix this up by simply standing jabbing him during his jump in. He’ll parry , wait one second to ruin the timing then SAII.

if another ken is looking to reverse or blocked low forward, walk in make SURE he gets hit/blocked low foward into ex fireball. also position yourself for ex hurricane cross up, use SMART exfireballs sparringly, standing rh, and if you are really having problems, dash in SMARTLY. if he starts dashing in, psychic it with low strongxxxsuper. if you can sneak/walk your way into crossup range, cross him up. also jump in (be ready to parry anything except for spam jab is easy to parry) and throw. even if the throw is broken you will be closer to him so you guys don’t have to play whiff low foward games

hmm some useful stuff here.

i was playing sa2 ken earlier and i’d say i was beasting with it. Good enough to get my first S ever. My offense was way off the redzone. I stay back and counter poke with ken until I have meter. Once I have meter i pretend to go for the combo all the time and just start throwing and uoh-ing. I short short and target combo sa cancel very well and it confirming these two are simple enough. I’ll walk in and out of range until I get a chance to land it. Once I land it, I turtle my ass off and just poke them to death. It makes for a very effective game plan. You miss out on the super distance but you gain supreme anti air 50-70% life combos.

If you land this super early it will put your life in the lead and you can turtle your ass offf. You have half life to trade to kill them which puts them in a bad spot. Counter poking works exceptionally well and is your best friend. Just my sa2 strat I like to use.

I still think sa3 vs sa3 would be better because of the reversals on block. It seems like playing safe and solid is always the way to go.