Ken vs Oni crossover normal or glitch?


Hello there,

Please someone correct me if I am wrong. Either Ken’s crossover is supposed to be that ambigious based on the timing you press medium kick or it’s a glitch.

I went into training mode using Ken vs Oni.
I put Oni in the left hand corner. When standing exactly next to him or off by like a few mm. I tried crossing over him with a medium kick.
Usually, you would end up in the left hand corner right = ( to the left of Oni )
But sometimes, in fact a lot of times I would still end up in the right side of Oni (not being able to cross over) even though I’m crossing over. It’s like a Ken vortex.

Please let me know your thoughts.


its not a glitch its normal, just an ambiguous cross up, landing in front or on the back depend from the distance, the button used, the character used against etc …

you can even have a jump in cross up that hit on the back, but then you land in front ,lots of other characters have this kind of cross up


I understand, it just doesn’t make much sense when standing next to Oni that if I try to jump over him, I still end up in front of him when in the corner. I guess it’s a character specific thing…