ken vs remy

can someone please hook me up with what to do to dominate that god damn emo girl pants wearing bitch?

id love to know everything about this match like dealing with cbk and how to effectively close in on this keepaway fucker. thanks guys.

Just do standing roundhouse and take off half his fucking health.

hahah when my 24 hour limit is up your getting rep for that.

ive been using remy exclusively for about a year and a half now, and ken players give me the most problems by far, even more than solid chun players. since remy has such a shitty health bar to begin with, -ANY- amount of damage you deal is dangerous to remy.

A few jab or short ticks here, a few EX fireballs there…eventually, even the biggest remy turtles will realize that the only way they will win is by running out the clock or by coming out of the turtle shell to score enough hits for a KO or TIME OVER win.

remy is generally a runaway character. he doesnt bring the fight to the game, he deals with what’s handed to him by his opponent and makes a game out of it. So if your rushdown games arent working against remy, you need new rushdown games.

A smart remy will run out the clock and piss you off very very much. A smart ken will let remy run the clock when it is to the advantage of the former.

therefore, remy’s best chance of winning consistently (other than by being a ninja turtle) is by staying ahead of -YOUR- game. if he senses that you fear his flash kick he’s gunna use it and keep using it. And why shouldn’t he? can you blame him? force -HIM- step up his game by stepping up -YOUR- game.

As a fellow remy player, I have to agree. However, I consider myself a ken player and from ken’s perspective, this match is a joke. Honestly, the only remy i can remember losing to was a crazy ass red parry/super counter guy who would be blocking shipu, then red parry into sa3.

Remy’s counter is only even remotely usable in the hands of an expert, so not much to worry about. Just get on top of him and get it over with, his charge partitioned lov’s wont help him at point blank.

alright, i played the remy again. i got it down, this wasnt so hard at all heh. its just the cbk would throw me off guard.

thanks for the help guys.

What is there for ken to worry about? Really…? He has everything to take down the rest of the cast without any problems at all. Even with the worst-case-scenarios he has like 50% chance of taking the victory. :slight_smile:

Jab shoryuken that shit.

Ken: “Have some damage! :smile:

well im new at the game so im just having a hard time dominating with ken because everything is still pretty new in terms of strats. sometimes i think my yang is better, but i want to make sure i got one top tier down.

even better, thanks again for the help.

Why is the thread creator Xaronth; yet I don’t see anything here from him? Are remy’s projectile moves faster then ken’s hadouken?

Xaronth changed his name.

Remy does recover faster anyway, the only time you should try it is with an EX hadouken, trying to get a knockdown, rest of the time, just duck/parry and try to jump over :wink:

Remy shouldnt be much trouble. Just out play him, and let the character differences decide who wins (you will own).

parry the flash kick haha

remy has all the tools he needs to deflect rushdowns from every single character in 3s. its when the remy player obviously overrelies on a handful of zoning patterns and is transparent in using them that remy gets owned.

remy isnt top tier, so give the guy at the controls some credit when he owns your quarters for free.


Ken does so much more damage than Remy so try to land the super as much as possible. You can super right after blocking his crouching forward and roundhouse. Sometimes the Remy player will dash in with low forward after you parry his projectile. Just block and super. Remy’s dive kick is fairly easy to parry because it’s only a single hit(except the ex version). Do something like short short super followed up by a cross up mixed in with whiff into throw or combo. Remy won’t guess correctly every time and with his low health, he can’t take too much of a beating.I wouldn’t recommend jumping even though parrying is an option.