Ken Vs Ryu?

Who do you think is better ken or ryu? Personally i think that ken is better hes been my favorite since street fighter 1. i think ken is better b/c he faster , quicker and is just more bad ass than ryu what do you all think?

I agree whole heartedly with you. Ken is better for those reasons. He’s my best in SFA3, and I do pretty well with him in Vs games. Ryu is just too slow and too defensive for me.

werd ken is fast and strong and his moves are more well developed then ryu. all ryu has over him is his superior hadoken. but thats it. ken would knock the shit out of ryu. even though he never does in comics or movies or tv…lol

Ken all the way. Pop in SF II Turbo and fight against the CPU’s Ryu… all he does is toss around fireballs and dragon punch you if you try to jump in too close.