ken vs urien

some quick q’s

Am i screwed if im knock down in the corner and the aegis gets out? should i just try avoid the corner at all cost? It seems like i get stuck in block and they can go for a uoh or baby kick.

I get knockdown in the corner, the reflector gets out, I tech roll, could i do an srk here and hope for a trade?

what about mid screen play. Should i stay on the ground and make him earn the reflector combo? His anti airs lead to so many combos

ive taken away his easy gay combos and im making my friend go for the hard ones. Its only a matter of time before he learns them and then im really screwed.

Could you parry the shield wait till urien does a move and pop him with an srk?

I also need some general gameplay strats against him like what NOT to do.

I dont have much urien exp. I saw a tourney vid where a urien was destroying everyone. Im being hit by the same type of stuff and my short term solutions wont last long.

I’ve learned by experience to never fight against the Aegis. At midscreen just parry low and block or throw your way out of the unblockable. When cornered with the Aegis, just make good guesses on blocking high or low and counter accordingly. If he starts throwing you a lot near the corner, watch out for a, cause that’ll beat you throw counter.

Usually against a Urien player, I like to stick out a from time to time. It stuffs his random headbutts and you’re safe on block, so go for a parry or just block and continue with pressure. Don’t know, but I don’t think you should go for crossups on Urien, iono, I have bad experience doing it.

Hope that helped.

Yeah this is true, but I have one thing to add to it. Simply block low! The Aegis can be blocked low, so that rules out Urien’s opener. This also means that the only way to open you up is with an overhead. His overheads are slower than his so it makes sense to give him the slowest possible options.

With you crouching this makes his intentions obvious, making it easier for you to predict the overhead or UOH and successfuly block. Learning how long the Aegis stays around for can help you out for your own sense of safety, also making it easier to predict an overhead or UOH. Also watch out for his knee drop, that can be a bastard when it’s not expected.

If you see Urien going for a headbutt when your knocked down, crouching or he’s just out of range to hit you, chances are he is going for the throw, so watch out for that. Be carefull though because the depth psychology goes in this game is insane, but this is what most Urien players do.

Don’t jump much, Uriens AA sphere leads to insane damage like you already know. Ken has all the tools he needs to stay grounded and be safe, so take advantage of that. Just be patient, charge meter, watch for mistakes and patterns then punnish.

Ken easily beats a good urien.

Let me tell you why. A good urien never relies on spheres… he does at most one against ken. Ok, maybe 2.

His pokes gets beaten by ken’s easily. What he tries is to build meter. Now let’s say urien start building meter. What do you think ken will do? Stand and watch? jump? He will close in with his godly footsies. Keep in mind that the more ken stays on the ground the less urien can do. Now the only two things urien can do is a st.forward or a j. rh. Besides that urien can’t do shit. Of course there is always this and that but ken’s footsies kills urien easily.

And no urien is going to punish a cr.rh from ken at max range with ex tackle. It’s just not worth it, maybe ones just to let you know that he can but… really, ken just kills urien easy.

Hold down

Press strong

When it connects, super

Any time Urien does a tackle, low forward XX super

Ken wins

i guess i was getting owned cause i like to crossup allll the time. I’ve been staying on the ground and getting my short short and sa cancels in. It seems to be the trick against him.