Ken vs Yun

Looking for some help with Ken vs Yun. I need some help. Thanks.

do a lot of st strongs to stuff dive kicks and to charge meter. leave control neutral to parry and advancing moves by yun. if yun is out of range to do hit properly with st strong, parry dive kick and either uppercut if dive kick is deep, or med punch if you are old and slow like me. match becomes really boring. once you knock down, go for typical throw or super combo set ups. shortx3 super, short, throw, etc etc… peace

How about when a Yun player is extremely offensive? Like example: Pyrolee’s Yun.

This is my hardest match up. I don’t know. I hear many people say he has an advantage over Yun, so I’m trying to figure that out.


look out for dive kicks. learn to react to to his jumps. usually a fast forward jump attack will beat him out, but watch out for jab fierce retaliation.

watch out for multiple consecutive dive kicks. learn to parry them and retaliate.

mike also posted good strats too.

Yeah. The dive kicks will kill you if you if you can’t defend against em. If you block them, just counter with a throw right after the block. If you parry a dive kick, I usually do an EX spin kick or something cuz I get lazy. You usually can’t throw him after the parry b/c he’ll be out of range. Use alot of Crouching strongs as well.

seriously though…is it better to block the dive kicks or parry them ? When playing Urien against Yun/Yang it’s usually better to block since his hit box is so tall you’ve got time to do whatever while they recover , however with Ken it does seem better to just block since after the parry you can’t throw but landing the cr.forward sometimes gets countered or am I just too slow ?


ted: you can always retaliate after a anti-air parry. they will always have subsceptible frames during landing – however, the timing of when the kick/parry is will determine what types of retaliation you can do. if he’s too far away, just standing roundhouse him or something – save your super for another opportunity. bait that shit. :smiley:

disregard this when you’re playing against me. i like my dive kicks without retaliation. :lol:

If Yun times and distances dive kick well, there’s very little you can do even if you parry it.

well…if the yun player distances his dive kicks right, then a parry will never happen :smiley:

That’s why I said “… even if you parry it.” But what you’re saying is that they’ll all be whiffed dive kicks.

Damn, you’re too smart for me.

Ahem. :wink:

hi thehy. :smiley:

I’d say rather than blocking and parrying them, react with a light or medium dp depending on the range.

A really good Yun player should never do this but if he decides to finish a BLOCKED b and b with jab tackle xx geneijin, you can red parry the tackle and punish.

Pros: While you’re blocking the combo, you can’t do much but watch. So you might as well look to see if he tackles.

Cons: Messing this up can mean getting peaced out. Yun can vary the timing between the standing strong and the jab tackle and have them still chain together. I don’t know, but I’m guessing this is why we shouldn’t just automatically parry after blocking the standing strong. It sounds good in theory in that if Yun just activates off the strong, you’re safe even if you go for the parry, but again, the timing of the tackle can be varied. Any comments?


Perhaps one could try red parrying the strong. A bit more challenging, it may seem, but like you said they’re not always going to do the tackle, when they probably are always going to do the strong at least.

nah. the ken player should just give up. yun’s just too strong! :stuck_out_tongue:

“nah. the ken player should just give up. yun’s just too strong!”

man that’s 10x as funnier as of today.

just uppercut that shit