Ken x Juggernaut x Ryu

Hey guys,

I totally missed MvC2, im 26 and spent quite a bit of time with streetfighter so naturally when I jumped in to MvC2 last night I went with ryu and ken, I ended up with jug because of how his dash assist can brake through players trying to trap me in the corner with projectiles. Anyways last night I played about 5 minutes in training with these char’s to get a feeling for how the buttons work in MvC2, then I just jumped in to multiplayer and was rocking people left and right, I went on a 16win streak in one player match room and everyone was begging me to switch my char’s. So what I am asking is, is this a team that is viable or am I just lucking out because of the new players factor?? I felt like I did pretty well and even took down some MSP teams. So im looking for some advice from someone with experience. Is this team a dead end?? If so I would appreciate some advice on who I should be making the transition to.


IMHO you should play whatever teams are fun for you. You were more than likely being matched up with new players, but if you spend some time with the game you’ll learn how to steal a few matches here and there.

Eventually you’ll figure out how to make your team function well. What assists are you using for Ryu and Ken?

for ken I used the dragon punch assist and for ryu I use expansion, if I can get someone in the corner using any of the 3 chars they are pretty much done in 5 seconds.

I found that Ryu expansion is a very fun assist. Learn how to tiger knee his super for extra laughs.

Cool stuff. Thats a decent team, all 3 are about mid-tier or close and solid characters.

Has nice bit of variety there: decent Speed, power, projectiles, average stamina, etc.

I play Ryu too, love the Beam super. Certainly better Beams in the game, but his is no slouch.

Played more last night with this team, did very well think im gonna stick with em :slight_smile: thanks for the replies.

You can also use the expansion assist of Ken since it is a great setup for Ryu. To be honest im a Ryu player on here myself. But at times you have to admit it is an uphill battle for him at times. Because Ryu needs the proper assists to help him. So If i know im going to see MSP, I would select Juggy, Cyke and Guile instead.

I find that Ryu(on point)/MM (Proj)/ Jin (AA) handled correctly can fight against MSP. I tend to use that team and catch people off guard with at a pretty good rate.

Dunno if this was mentioned but Ken has a glitch that his air hurricane does ridiculous damage, so get the pop up, and do like 1 or 2 hits into hurricane for massive damage. His uppercut anti-air is really good for priority and for beating out even top level assists… I use him a lot in my low tier teams… Like Jill, Tronne, Ken…

Stick with the team, but you’re gonna have to work hard against a good cable.