Does anybody else on SRK own a Kendama? I’ve been playing with this thing for like, two weeks now and I’m hooked. It seriously is just too good, I figured I’d share because it seems like the kinda thing you guys would dig.

Here is a link: [media=youtube]b8tHQEuqD1E[/media]

Yeah it’s basically pro cup and ball. There are a lot of tournaments/ competitions for this thing too.
Like I said, TOO GOOD! :smokin:


Oh no the ball didn’t go into the cup, oh thats ok because its on a string and attached to the cup


:rofl: is this for real?


For real, this is like the best thing to ever happen to me… This month.


wow, sorry I can’t think of anything nice to say so I’m just going to leave :rofl:


You just jealous that I found it first >:(


i’ll stick wit my yoyo thanks


Is there no Kendama love on SRK? sadface :frowning:

I guess you guys aren’t ready for this stuff. But this will be big one day! :sweat:


Its like that thing Yatterman2 used… oh wait like 10 dudes played tvc nvm

or was it yatterman 1 who knows


It sort of looks like it… But I can’t tell because I don’t play the game. But if it is a weapon, that’s one more reason to get a Kendama!


my Japanese teacher brought a kendama to class one day and had us all try it. one cup was smaller than the other cup. i got the smaller cup first try and screamed out “NINJAAAAAA” and didn’t try it again. i retired with 100% success rate, bitches :cool:


Yeah, the standard is that one of the side cups is slightly smaller than the other one. Good to see some Kendama love!!! :wgrin:


ur acting like this is some new craze… this game is old. i mean i’m glad that the youth are having fun discovering ancient technology, but keep your pants on.

you know that phrase, “this is not your grandmother’s game”… well kendama literally is “your grandmother’s game”.


I know, I was being satirical :rolleyes:

But things go in and out of popularity; from what I can tell is that it’s on the rise at the moment (not saying it’s a huge success). It may be an old and simple game (apparently it originated from France 1600’s?) but that is no reason not to play it. In fact the simplicity of it is kinda what interests me about it, and I just wanted to see if anyone on SRK had the fever.


I have one. I used it a lot at first and got pretty decent by my standards. But then I didn’t think it was worth it to invest more time in it. Now I bring it out for a few minutes occasionally.


this reminds me of that guy who thought he had the best game ever. some black guy…the videos used to be all over srk. i forget the name of the game though


LOL @ you and the video OP posted.


This thread is now about Bulletball


God damn why is everyone writing in purple these days? and yes, the family guy reference made me laugh :wonder:


mah point