Kendamagic! Yatterman-1 UAS Thread



Backstory (Copied from GameFaqs.)
Yatterman-1 is the titular character of “Yatterman”, an anime from the 70s that
has now been remade in 2008. It’s part of the Time Bokan series.

Yatterman-1 (real name Gan) is a slacker and mechanic who moonlights as a
kendama-wielding superhero with the aid of his girlfriend and his mechanical
creations. Most of his efforts are directed towards foiling Doronjo’s get-rich
quick schemes, a job of somewhat dubious importance that Yatterman-2 frequently
has to force him into doing.

I will be using the NumPad notation to tell what direction attacks are pointed in and I will use :snka:, :snkb: , and :snkc: to notify what kind of attack, (A = Light, B = Medium, C = Heavy)
7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3
As in: 2A would be holding down of the control stick (or pad) and light attack, 3C would be Diagonally Down Forward Heavy attack, or launcher. And 5B would be keeping the control stick neutral (no direction) and medium.

5A: Yatterman does a quick jab with the Kendama in hand, this will go over most crouching characters.

2A: A crouching version of the 5A.

5B: Yatterman bends back a bit spinning the ball on the Kendama around himself, this can hit a total of four times, the amount of hits depends how far you are from the enemy, this move can be quite useful in combos.

2B: Yatterman will thrust his Kendama in hand, kind of like the 2A, knocking the opponent a little bit off of the ground and a short distance away.

6B: Yatterman thrusts the Kendama into the air sending the ball at about a 20 degree angle, this move has no value in combos, but I can see it being sort of useful as an anti-air. I’m quite sure if your opponent opponent is ducking, this attack will miss.

5C: Yatterman dodges back a bit and slings the Kendama in a vertical line up, this can be a little bit useful in combos.

2C: Yatterman will go into what looks like a crawling position and sweep the floor with the Kendama ball, this has decent range and can combo into his flame super, which will be written about later.
Must be blocked low.

6C: Yatterman takes a step back and sweeps a little bit above the ground with the Kendama, I’ve heard that this can combo well in the corner. It must be blocked low.

3C: Yatterman’s launch attack, he will do an uppercut with the Kendama in hand.

Special Attacks:

Kendamagic**: :qcf: :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc:

Yatterman’s basic “projectile”. Yatterman slings out the kendama ball to hit the opponent, this will come out very fast. The button pressed determines how far the ball will go and how much damage it does, A sends it right in front of Yatterman, B goes about halfscreen, and C will go fullscreen, The B version of this attack is used as Yatterman’s assist. This can be blocked high or low. Can be used in air

Yattermedium Attack: :dp: :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc:

Yatterman will jump ahead a little bit and swing the Kendama ball around for about 7 hits, This move comes out pretty slowly on the ground but is invaluable in air combos. Contrary to the name, this attack cannot be blocked medium (low or high) but it must be blocked high, so it is a good mixup for 2C. The button pressed determines the trajectory of the jump but not the damage.

A is very short jump and he will sink in air.
B does not go very far horizontally but a good amount vertically.
C goes is pretty much the opposite of B, he will go a good amount horizontally but not much vertically, but he will not sink in the air like the A version.

There is a trick to this attack, you can execute two of them in a row by inputting the “Tiger Knee” motion after the first input of it, the Tiger Knee motion is 6239, keep in mind this is quite hard to master.

Yatter Run: :qcb: :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc:

Yatterman will run dash forward with three different followups.

A will be “Yatter Jump”, which makes Yatterman do a quick flip into the air, this can make you jump over your opponent (Only when it is not a giant) which you can do any aerial move out of.

B is “Yatter Slide”, Yatterman will slide across the floor, if he hits the opponent they will fall over, which you can cancel right to Yatterman’s fire super. This can only be blocked low.

C is basically a faster version of C Yattermedium Attack. Again, it must be blocked high.

I can see this move pretty useful for mixups, considering one of them has to be blocked high and the other low.

Yatter Shock: :l:Charge :r: :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc:

Yatterman does a spin kick, after that he will throw the kendama ball around the opponent, shocking them, then leaving them to a crumpled state. Button pressed determines speed and power, A being the weakest but fastest, and C being strongest but slowest.

This move is great for comboing because of the crumpled state it leaves the enemy in, but there is a downside, the next hits will lift the opponent off of the ground and because of how many times the shock hits, the damage scaling can be pretty brutal.

But there are two upsides, the shocking will also make the Giants go into a crumpled state, makes them able to be combo’d like a regular character, you can also swap to your partner while the enemy is in this crumpling state.

Supers (Hyper Combos)

(Level 1) Yatter Wan Special Attack: :qcf: :2p: (Used as Yatterman’s Cross-Over Combination)

Yatterman will cross his arms and jump backward offscreen. he will appear riding Yatterwan (the Robot Dog) and if he strikes his opponent, they will be thrown to the ground and run over.
The problem with this move is that It can’t combo well (with some partner assists after Yatter Shock it can) but there is an upside, Yatterman is completely invincible while riding Yatterwan, so you can run through any Super with this, it is especially useful against PTX’s “Arsenal Barrage” Super.

(Level 1) Yatterwan Flame: :qcb: :2p:

Yatterman will call Yatterwan, Yatterwan will rush in very quickly, if the rush connects it will wallbounce the opponent, leaving them helpless on the ground. Yatter Wan will begin shooting a stream of fire which can be angled up and down with the control stick. The fire will hit OTG (on the ground) which deals good damage. also the wallbounce part can hit an opponent OTG which is why this is so useful. Keep in mind though, if your opponent blocks the wallbounce part Yatterwan will be extremely vulnerable to punishing, as it takes Yatter Wan a while before he starts spewing fire.

Another useful thing about this, if you switch out to Yatterman, and he hits and you are next to the opponent, you can use this special and it will automatically hit them OTG, leaving them to be burned.

(Level 3) This Week’s Surprise Robots: :dp: :2p:

Yatterman will throw a piece of Mecha Food (Bone), and if it hits, it will fly back to Yatterwan who will eat it, and begin spitting out crocodiles (or ducks depending on if you picked the 2nd or 4th costumes) they will run by the opponent dealing damage to them, the last Crocodile will leave behind a bomb which will blow up on the person who is helpless.

From what I’ve heard this move has been improved since CGoH since it does more damage. It is advised to only do short combo into this because of how much damage scaling hurts this super.

I will add combos to this thread soon, I just wanted to lay down the basics to Yatterman.


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