Ok now that I criticized him and accused him I have to take it back… He’s not that bad. I think the only question we had was if he really did the work or not… I have to say that I beleive most of the things he posted were actually done by him, and the color was done by his cousin. Also I am informed that he just moved here a little while ago and is having a hard time, so lets just all listen and look at his work and not crtisize too harsly this time around… :stuck_out_tongue:

he should watch and think about what he says. he’s arrogant and can’t seem to take critisism. plus yea he could have drawn them, but not all of them (especially the ryu pics) straight from his head. my pet peeve is when someone takes a pic right by them and draws it from there and act like their god. try some real art. other than that if he learns to be less arrogant and stops makin excuses, yea i’ll think he’s a good guy.

takin art and emulating it is a good way to learn the technique and how someone did it. Thats what i did when i first started drawing i traced then copied then started making my own style out of it.

yea, i used to copy drawings too when i first started out, but it was like u said just for practice. Its another thing when u start sayin, “ok heres something when im serious, here’s when im trying”. to me, its just for practice, but not impressive. its like ur takin credit for coming up with teh piece by boastin so much.

do not apologize. those were not tracings, they were official artwork.

the only one i’m not sure about is the chun li drawing, but thats because i havent played pocket fighter yet.

Yeah there is nothing wrong with tracing. It can help, but just don’t tell people you drew something by yourself, knowing you traced it. Also, why should people go easy on him, when he ask for comments and opinions? “oh and don’t be afarid to rip me a new one” Personally I find the critiques on this forum some what nicer than other art forums such as Digital Webbing, or Oz comics. But whatever If he couldn’t take the critiques, maybe he shouldn’t have posted in the first place.

Well Tracing can be a good start up for you, but not when trying to impress… As I said before, I have m doubts to one one of the ryu pics but only because I’ve seen one just like that in a book…