Kennewicks return at the top!


Well its been a while since a Kennewick player as beatn’ some one from out of town to win a tournament. Well this time Kennewicks Best go 1-2. So herer are the results as I remeber them StiltMan should have the actual official results up some time later today and I’m bored so here they are.

1st: Curtis Dyer “Maverick” : Magneto/Cable/Sentinel-a Sentinel/Cable/Blackheart
2nd: Jason Wong “Samuria Jack” : Magneto/Cable/Cammy Strider/Cable/Sentinel
3rd: Eric Foley “StiltMan” : Sentnel/Storm/Captain Commando Sentinel/Cable/Blackheart
4th: James Ma : Storm/Cable/Captain Commando
5th: Donny Hua : Sentinel/Storm/Captain Commando Storm/Sentinel/Cable
5th: David ? : Blackheart/Iron Man/Sentinel Iron Man/Cable/Sent ( I think it was sent)

Well this tournament marks the return of Kennewicks best at the top. Stilts played a great tournament if I remember correctly he never lost a game until he play Me. Sam Jack and I had a little plan. Sam Jack was gona injure the stilts man and go the loser bracket and I was suppose to send stilts to him in the losers bracket were jason said he was gona finish him off. It just so happens that after jason went the loser bracket I played stilts. I tried my Mags/Cable/Sent and didn’t lose buy much. So using the advice from a friend of mine is Seattle. Ya you know who you are. I picked same team (Sent/Cable/BH) and won 3 straight to send Stilts to the loser bracket were Sam Jack was waiting. Jason took it to all 5 games and pulled it out in the end to beat stilts 3-2 in the winners final. The matches between me and Sam Jack were the same as causal full he hella funny moments and alot of random trash talking. Well my fingers are starting to hurt from games and this damn keyboard so I’m stop. Well people it was great to have yo down here for this tournament and I hope to see you next time.



i should have beatin him…:smiley:


Thats Hella Tight to see you guys come up like this. I hope to go up there sometime or have you down here in Portland.



Hey Nakima if we show we will wana like stay the night so is there like a cheap hotel or like some place hella cheap to stay??






I made a new team if anyone wants to join!

Team… Luckmatik!

For all us lucky mofos who always catch a break



LuckMatik sounds like a team Jason should join since he was the guy that started getting hella lucky then kyle fallowed. Damn Kyle you better pattent that shit before someone takes it. LOL!




:fury: Stilts, my new alias is Artezul, not Antezul. :sweat:
But thank you with helping me change my alias. And thank you again for taking the time to come down and manage our backwater town tournaments. :smiley:

Curtis/Kyle: Forget it, I stay with Team Ricepatty, at least I could be a wild card, :D.

Curtis: Man, you make my matches with Stilt sound easy, well they fokkin weren’t. Also, the moments when I said I would try to defeat Stilts, I was always glad to drop another weight of pressure on your shoulders. :lol:

This tournament was pretty good, thanks to those outta towners participating in the tournament, my realization that their be other great fighters out there is steadily growing (shut up to the outta towners who handed our asses to us :sweat: ).

Oh, and remember Curtis, best be watchin your back, I will be lurking around the shadows fucker, you know that I should have gotten 90%, and you the Curt cup, remember fucker. :slight_smile:


It’s all right. Although if you’d also get yourself another SRK account by that name so that it wasn’t utterly confusing, it would probably help. Kind of silly when people go around with random nicknames that never get seen in the forums. :sweat:

I’m debating at this point how badly I want to stay good at this game. Not making any excuses for yesterday… you guys had it and I didn’t. But I’m feeling a little burned out on the game from post-Evolution and haven’t been keeping up much. And the fact that my daughter was literally thinking a few weeks ago that I lived at the mall because of how much I used to practice the game, and every time she tells me not to go when I’m off to play is sort of weighing on my mind. Oh yeah, and there’s this minor detail that with Capcom All-Stars likely to come out some time in the next half year there may not be much life left in this game. Probably not enough that I’ll have time to make any more major reformulations of my game plans… which may or may not be needed in the near future.

Of course, this could all just be a brief thought and I’ll be pursuing it religiously again before the week is out. shrugs

Tales from the weird department…

Late Friday night into early Saturday morning, my first cousin Sean Cuddihy woke up with a stomachache that wouldn’t go away. This got worse and worse until he was in convulsions, and his temperature was at 107 degrees by the time he got to the hospital. They weren’t able to stablize him and he didn’t survive the night. The suspicions at this point concern oysters he ate that evening (raw shellfish can indeed be fatally toxic at times).

Now, color me superstitious, but that’s putting the body count within my close family on days when Kennewick tournaments are being held at three this year. This is getting just a little bit weird. :confused:


That is very scary, VERY.:mad:

Congrats to Mav also.