Kenryukenryukenkenkenken SAGAT!SAGAT!SAGAT! BORED!


I just played online on psn for about two hours, i shit you not i played one sakura, one mirror blanka match, and then…all ken, all ryu, and all sagat.

Jesus christ monkey balls, is anyone else BORED of fighting the same three guys all the goddamned time? I was literally praying that id get to fight a dhalsim or something other than the big 3.

Who did you fight last time you played? And any chance that there will be less ken/ryu/sagat in SSf4 online? I seriously hope so…


Oh wow, this is a totally new topic that hasn’t been discussed before at all.

Edit: my serious answer: find people on here for player matches.


Not convinced this wont get closed, but since it’s at the top of the forum anyway . . .

I don’t know if its a US v Europe thing but about 50% of the fights on xbox live in the UK don’t involve those three in my experience. In fact I see as many sakuras and fei longs as I do Sagat. It’s actually happy days when I see his baldy coupon. This is G2 though, I don’t spend much time in champ mode.

Try player matches perhaps? The quality is usually rather high and you can get a good set for matchup exp instead of a one-off random-fest.


oh sorry for making a junk thread then, my apologies D:. i was just so… bored of ken and ryu…


I’m afraid this is what you get when you mix a fighting game that is match-up heavy, has uber accessible gameplay to attract the kiddies/MMO grinders and rewards only winning, not skill, with today’s gamer rodentia.



for me it’s blanka, blanka, balrog, balrog, balrog, sagat, sagat then honda, chunli, ryu, ken, akuma, guile, cammy… lol SG :razzy:


Damn you, making me think of the nightmare I had with the whole cast of SSF4 was voiced by neds.



the ts plays blanka…BORING!!!

you know what grinds my gears more than the horde of ryusagatakumarogken is that people can’t seem to do a QUICK STAND!!! GAAAAAAAAAHH HULK SMASH!!!


Quick stand is absolutely part of my mixup game! ‘ok have fun safejumping I’m just going to chill here for a while and fuck your rhythm’. And yeah blanka is the only character that makes my heart sink when I see the loading screen.

Haha brilliant. I trust that dhalsim was running around heedering people.


Champ mode nowadays is the most drepressing thing ever. same lamers over and over.

I doubt i’ll ever get to g1. thinking of quitting sf4 until super comes out.

Finding players on here isn’t the easist thing ever you have to go add people then find them online then get a time where you can play then write a crit on there gameplay…

only then can you be added to the XBL training team. How am i meant to write a crit on people when i am stuck in the fuckign habits i have had for over 2 months cos i got no one else to play other than glasgowkiss?



Get a local scene. If you’re only playing online then you don’t even know.


well, I have to say that the last time I played online was when I moved from G1 to G2 or vica versa I forget how the order is. But, that was like 4 months ago or something. I typically play in local tournaments and fight nights at friends houses.
But… the last time I played online was when I got moved up and I kid you not, all joking aside, serious as can be I played 22 Ryu’s in a row, all different players. That was the point that I started training in the training room and going to tournaments.
No more online, it is just such a good way to develop bad habits.
Quit now while you still can.


Remember before FGs before online play?

We’ve come a long way -wipes tear from eye-


I am fine with Sagat. I just hate Ryu. Scrub Ryu are the worst, you never know when they do random DP. So you cant throw them. Hate them


Hmm, here in the uk it seems to me that Guile is just as plentiful as the shotos. Also Blanka. Blanka I enjoy fighting against…if it’s a good Blanka, then it’s a good fight and all is good. If it’s a bad Blanka, then I can have fun tearing apart their “mindgames” and tricks (i.e. random slides and jab ball -> throw). But bad Guiles…ugh. STOP SWEEPING it doesn’t work


I’m in the UK, and in G1 on PSN it’s mainly Ryu but there is some variety. There’s hardly ANY Sagats, a few Kens, loads of Rogs and Geifs, Some Chuns, loads of Guiles, 2 Abels (lol), many Blankas, few Sakuras, some Cammys, and Goukens, few Akumas, and this sick Rose player called Magneto something. Those are the main characters I face.


I LOVE when someone picks Sagat or Ken. Ryu on the other hand is a completely different animal. You can be so amazingly mediocre with Ryu and still get consistant wins. I NEVER thought I’d say something like about a fighting game but it’s so true.


Im in uk and while i do bump into loads of Ryus and kens , I still get alot of vegas , bisons , guiles suprisingly. blanka aswell. recognise a few psn Ids here aswell from G1


Ah yesh yesh I’ve played you before, you’re that Sagat player with the Tiger knee pressure. Good shit :tup:


My 360 player data:

Number of fights:

Top 5:

Number of fights against Ryu:
1285 (39%)

Number of fights against Ken:
525 (16%)

Number of fights against Sagat:
368 (11%)

Number of fights against Akuma:
283 (9%)

Number of fights against Blanka:
227 (7%)

82% of all my matches have been against 5 characters, and 39% have been against Ryu! The lack of variety really is sad. I don’t mind too much though, all 5 of those characters are fairly interesting to play against. If everyone played someone like gief or rog I’d of probably snapped my game disc by now.

At the other end of the spectrum:

Number of fights against Rose:
40 (1.2%) - and 8 of those were today!

I imagine my pc data paints a pretty similar picture to this.