Ken's DP Against Birdie



So I played against a Ken player today and he was awful, but he kept spamming HP DP and hitting me with it. I mean I would literally be poking him with crouching LP and out of nowhere he’d do a HP dp and nail me. Why doesn’t Birdie’s pokes stuff Ken’s DP? What gives with that? Was I just lagged somehow and the frames were dropping and he would get to put in the move in that short time frame? I don’t get it… someone please explain. Thanks.


Nothing can stuff a DP on startup because most of them are invincible. You just have to let him whiff it or block it, then punish.


Hi, yeah I figured that out. I played against another Ken who had a similar strat and I kept blocking his DP and command grab headbutting him. It was awesome. Later!


sHK for crush counter then dash in and HP command grab, more damage!