Ken's Far Standing MP



Recently after looking over ken’s frame data I noticed that his far has all the makings of a good poke but I rarely see it used for some reason

-Decent range
-frame advantage (+4 block, +7 hit)
-good hit box hits crouching and standing opponents
-lots of active frames (5)

If your timing is good you can link>ex-tatsu to it but it’s very tight due to the distance and the push back.

I’ve been pretty successful at using it in certain situations such as:

-meaty When you’re standing at max range for on wake up most players won’t try a reversal because they’re afraid of being punished. They’ll sit and block or try and grab, either way you can follow up with a half step forward+ kara throw.

-Counter poking. If hit with the tip of the hitbox it beats out a lot of the more annoying pokes. Still trades a lot with vega, but I’ve had lots of success using it against dhalsim, it stuffs his jump back fierce pretty good, and his Pretty much trades with bisons and but rarely out right loses. Everything chun-li does pretty much eats it alive though.

-ending block strings.>cr.lp>cr.lp> Good push back with out pushing back too far and way better stun than ending with fireball. You can follow up with back+mk overhead which will hit those who continue to crouch block and beats out low jabs.This may be obvious but unless your timing is very good I wouldn’t recommend this against players who tend to mash out reversals during block strings. Best case scenario they’ve got 2 frames to get dp off btw cr.lp and plenty of time for a 3 frame start up invincible srk if you mess up.

I’ve just recently added this to my game and it’s really helped in a lot of situations, hope this helps.


Good stuff. Don’t forget about these:

CL. LK (Opponents thinks you’re going for a Kara Throw because you stood up from C. LP/C.LK. +2 on block and +5 on hit)
CL. MK (Looks like MK overhead. Forces stand. -1 on block and +7 on hit)
Far MK (Front limb lifts up dodging/countering low attacks at a certain distance. -2 on block and +1 on hit)


cool really? if is +7 on hit then wouldnt j.fp>>> fireball> FADC>> U2 work?
also assuming they fixed to hit crouching opponents since they seem to have fixed target combo.


Far has been used for centuries now by decent Ken players. You’ll see several japanese players using it. Not necessarily spamming it, since it’s pretty situational, but you’ll see them using it.

And yes, it’s a nice poke. Nothing godly per say, not exactly the same as Gief’s far, but still good.

The only reason why it’s not a great meaty, is simply because it’s not cancelable. You do get massive frame advantage, but you can’t put it to decent use. You can try after, but you’l probably have to cancel into EX tatsu instead of HK tatsu. It’s really used more often than not as a poke. Decent poke to beat stuff like, say… Blanka’s balls, Seth or Sim’s limbs, and other stuff. Don’t use it vs well known godly pokes, since it will be beat. Like the ones you mentioned… And remember it’s not exactly the fastest poke to come out. Use it once, shame on them, use it twice, shame on you.


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Yeah definitely not something I spam but it does get me a lot of kara throws and back+mk overheads I didn’t used to get. Just something I think is good to have in ken’s bag of tricks. Wish it start up in 6 frames instead of 7 tho.


i thought this was my trade mark lol, far smp is the shit, meety u get a free sweep counter hit free sweep on hit with out counter hit u get a free kara srk, they blok u kara srk good counter hit setup, ive ben using this alot and i assumd so was every1 else, but, if ur gona do it n a blok string b redy to sweep on counter hit and or bufer kara dp


After a forward throw you are almost exactly at max range for this that’s usually when I use it. That or back throw and wait till the wakeup animation starts, dash fwd, Mixing that up with dashing then blocking really works well 4 me


Yeah I really wish I could get that kara dp off consistently cause it’s actually pretty hit confirmable on this, back to training lol.


Late s.MP into cr MK is awesome =)