Ken's Frame Data



Frame data for Ken can be found in the google doc below:

Now with active frames.

Ken General Thread: Go with the Flow

Thanks dude! You’re the best!


Also, are the block advantage numbers different for his special moves while he is in Heat Rush? Might be something to look into…


Got all of that now.


Wow, you work quick! Thanks for this, it’s gonna help me a ton.

Is that a st.hp nerf? I swear it was 9f or 8f before…


Well, I’ve done a ton of frame-data work at this point so I can work at a reasonable pace now.

As for st.hp, it is 9 frame start-up in this build, just fixed it. and St.hp I made a small error when counting for the start-up, but the numbers for everything should be fine now (just double checked).


That’s definitely a valuable piece of work, many thanks.

Any chance someone has already compiled V-skill cancelled disadvantage data on block ?

The only thing I know for sure is st.HP x Vskill on hit is +3 haha


may i suggest that you freeze the top row so that you can view what column you’re looking at as you scroll down?


edit: Nvm, thanks


If this is possible, I’d love if you could quickly edit that in. I’ve never worked on a Google doc before so I’m clueless but it’d make read the columns SO MUCH EASIER.


Got it, thanks for the suggestion.

For that one, you just take the hitstun (or blockstun) and subtract 22 from that number. For example, is 18 frames of hitstun. 18 - 22 = -4. So xx V-skill is -4 on hit. Likewise with the blockstun, 15 - 22 = -7 on block.

The only exceptions are st.hp and since they have later cancel timings; st.hp cancels one frame later, while cancels 9 frames later (the st.hp one was done so we can’t have any fun links out of st.hp xx run on hit without crush counter :sad: ). So for st.hp on hit it would be 26 - 1 - 22 = +3, on block it would be 18 - 1 - 22 = -5. it would be 29 - 9 - 22 = -2 on hit, 22 - 9 - 22 = -9 on block.


Hmm, are you sure ken’s cr. mp is only +4 on hit? Because I can do cr. mp into back mp link no problem, and I’m terrible at one frame links.


You’re not taking into account the “auto p-link” that this game has, making 1 frame links seem like nothing.

It might still be a mistake, but not because you think that link wouldn’t be doable for you. ^^


Links are definitely a lot easier to input in this game :slight_smile:


No 3 frame normal. Wow the years are catching up.



The amount of times I died on stage 44-46 because I couldn’t be bothered to do anything other than MP DP because I was so committed to the gameplan…oh man, least I got my colour 7 & 10 and I’m now in love with how much fashion is pouring out of me.

I’m gonna get to work on the 1st section of the combo/tech thread tomorrow, I have a meeting with an apprenticeship place and then I’m running out for food with my GFs family for her birthday, as soon as I get back I’ll try my best to finish section one and add the info everyone has posted in there so far.


Oh thanks for that.

I had time to do searching on my own yesterday. I didn’t go really far because if it was >-5, I didn’t care looking further.

The main interesting thing that I found was his V-skill stepkick to V-trigger is +7 at least (!!!), since stepkick x v-trigger to st.MP is a full blockstring.


Normal attacks hit HIGH and jump attacks hit MID? shouldn’t it be the other way round?


Good shit man! How do I download this? If I can’t DL it, then I’ll just put it in my Evernote docs or a spreadsheet with MS office


It used to be, but in SF x TK they labelled overheads as Mid and regular attacks as High to match the Tekken notation. And that carried over to this game.