Ken's kara shoryuken

do you use standing roundhouse…standing medium kick…then buffer to shoryuken or what?

cr medium kick or rh.

there. that answers his question



i must master this technique… can i get some pointers, somethin I MUST master this technique. >sigh< i managed to get it out once. in an hour. can you pause before you do the shoryuken? “walk” into it? or do you have to perform the motion brisk? ( no lag) how about the button timing? too long and you get a crouching forward, i guess. . . help!btw, what combos are possible with this technique?

Hmm, do you know how to do kara throws?? Ken has a crappy kara throw but try like akuma or somebody with a good distance kara throw.

If you can do that then the timing is about the same for the kara srk. It isn’t too difficult, I put my pinky on rh and then index finger on lp and then rh, lp srk. I find that the easiest. You can also try using your 4th finger on the mk and see if that is more comfy.

All about the practice

does this also apply to double impact? if it does man that has to be bullshi!

i just tried it on Super Turbo. Works there too! Fuck this is broken cuz it takes off like half the fucker’s life

Does this work on Dreamcast? I know it’s not arcade perfect.

Works on Dreamcast, Arcade, and Jaguar 64

No, it was removed in the Jaguar64 version, but the secret
roundhouse glitch is still there.



well, i can usually get it by partitioning the motion, sort of. I usually hit toward, down+mk, toward + jab, and that usually gets the job done. As for combos, nothing involving jump-ins, i’d say. Unless, of course, it’s something to the effect of, j.forward, jab srk, kara srk.

DP motion is really just toward, down, down/toward. Any other joystick movement is unnecessary.

So you can also just do: toward, down, down/toward + MK, (quickly) LP

I don’t know if that’ll help, but it works for me at least.

does this work in CVS2 iam just wondering


I must be living in a cage… but what’s a Jaguar64?


A mistake. :wink:


hahaha that the silliest looking system ever

they ported 3S onto that thing? what were they thinking

:lol: :lol: so gullable