Ken's Kicks...

Anyone here make use of Ken’s crazy variety of Medium Kicks?

I like using them sometimes to fake my enemy’s. But I wanted to know if anyone here thinks their useless?

F+MK is a good front stretch kick (I think its the propper name for it), and it can stop characters like Dudley & Q from coming in at you with their Dashing forward moves. When I got someone blocking from medium clips, I step in quickly go for an Axe Kick (B+MK).

I dont do the axe kick thing all the time though cause its too obvious unless I got the guy thinking im goinna grab um and he wants to jump back from it or something.

I don’t really use his F+MK much, but I like his standing MK. It has good range and it’s decent anti-air. It can catch them as their just getting off the ground. If they block the standing MK when they’re on the ground, it kinda gives ur opponent the impression that ur open , but ur not, and sometimes u can get away with a shoryuken! in their face =). And of course axle kick is always good when u can connect a super afterwards

cr. short x2 >

knockdown > f+mk(instead of dash)

those are basiclly all i use. rarely use the others.

If I know the opponent is usually non-agressive on wake up and blocks down a lot, I use if only for the verifiable link into Shippu. Otherwise, I only use standing mk for anticipated jump ins and as a good, wholesome poke. I feel unsafe when I use hk.

Standing High Kick is useful sometimes. What I like about Ken’s kicks is that he can recover from them pretty fast.

I sometimes use that same while my enemy tries to block low when they get up. Holding MK is useful sometimes if your enemy doesn’t predict it. It can leave you open for a whole sec if blocked.

standing mk is definitely the shit :smokin:
I use it for a lot of anti air, just space it well
plus standing hk is pretty safe also
try to toss in a few f+hk here and there if your controlling the match well and bait something out like the down medium kick, so you can super :hitit:
or you can just toss out down medium kicks like I do that whiff and go for the low parry XX super :blush:

Standing roundhouse is the most disgusting move ever created.

But it works!:stuck_out_tongue:

yup, the lag is real bad. i play dudley most of the time, i usally use corkscrew blow super, but one time i used the super “rolling thunder” (SA2), anyways this ken player whiffed a standing roundhouse right next to dudley and right after i blocked i did the motions for the super and dudley started hitting ken with the super while ken was still spinning around recovering from the kick.

whiffed is usually countered w/ kara throws after a block,unless you DP them.

s.MK is awesome psychic anti-jump. ESPECIALLY if you haven’t used it previously in the match. The one time you use it, they jump and get hit… and feel like a chump. :slight_smile:

s.RH is good 'cause it’s long… but you definitely can’t abuse it like Chun’s s.HP. :confused:

S.MK and RH are really good to just throw out randomly. They do some good damage, and are frustrating to people who dont see them coming. You can of course purposely whiff the s. MK and down parry super, which always hurts.

When comboing Shippu off b+MK, how do you do it? it’s not a 2-1 and I can’t get it to work.

With this combo, it’s a link between b+mk and Shippu so you have to have strict timing to pull it off. You have to wait untill the axe kick has completely finished before doing the 2*qcf +k motion. Also with this link, you can only do it on a crouching opponent. Same goes for f+fk Shippu.

Ah, thank you very much, that crouching opponent note is very important. I didn’t know f+MK linked to shippu. Dang that makes what 10 ways now that Ken can land Shippu?

s.HP (far)
s.HP (close)

are there any others?


and so on.

You’d have no idea how many people forget to mention that all important tidbit regarding B+MK > SA3.

Drove me nutz till I finally figured it out.


by throw you mean back throw in corner for 1 hit off shippu? Yeha, that’s a style only combo. What’s tatsumaki? and off the uoh all the vids I’ve seen require a c.Lk before cancelling to super, but I can never combo my c.LK or my super. What’s the deal?

Tatsumaki is hurricane kick. You can cancel the first hit of it (the knee), which is almost impossible to do.

UOH into super link doesn’t require c.LK in there. Just make sure the overhead hits during the later frames. s.MP is another option to link shippu as well.

And you can’t link anything after f.MK.

Deep? hm I’ll have to try that, is it easier on crouching opponents (or more guaranteed)? About the fMK I think I meant f HK which I think is guaranteed though I haven’t tried (no time to practice recently) it. So just to retally, Ken has 15 ways to land Shippu?