Ken's Kicks...

Let’s just say Ken has so many F’n ways to land SA3 that it’s not even worth counting. :lol:

:d::hp: is linkable, so remove the question mark:P

:d::LK: by itself is hard to link into shippu but if you do :d::lk::df::r::d::lk::df::r::lk: it’s pretty easy.

Do you mean link or chain? Cos if d.fp links that’s disgusting.

I hate F+MK and F+HK with a burning passion. I feel that it’s there just to screw me over, but it’s pretty funny when I accidentally do one of those 2 kicks on accident and my opponent eats it, the look on their face is priceless.

Sorry, but what does F+Hk do? It seems like KEn just steps forward with his knee and… does nothing.

when u do it close enough he does an overhead kick.

dont hold the hk button, just press it once

It cancels, my bad. But nonetheless, he can remove the question mark:P

For once I actually did something with the F+HK, while playing with Jason Cole at Anime Expo. We were turtling since we were at very low life. I decided to just do something out of the ordinary F+HK fake, c.MK xx Shippu, and it worked.

fuk the f+hk fake > shippu. too top tier :wink: