Kens SFV titles?



Anyone have a list of them? If you unlock anymore not currently listed let me know! So far we have

Unbreakable Bond
Shippu Jinrai
Lifelong Rival
Attack Attack Attack!
Self Defense


Here is a list of everyone’s titles.


This doesn’t seem very accurate. I beat Hell survival with Ken and got the generic title “Veteran among veterans” but no Ken title as that site states.


I got good Vibes after beating hell mode.


Yeah I only got Veteran Among Veterans, but didn’t receive Good Vibes.

Do I have to do this shit again?


It might come from the character level instead of just beating hell mode.


What level is your Ken?


You guys know how to get the “rush n blaze” one?


naw =(


i dunno over 30…I’m trying to get pinky swear myself, some are speculating it comes with 300 ranked wins.


nvm this post.


I just got Pinky Swear yesterday, I think it comes from winning a lot in ranked. Maybe 400 or more wins.


I was just looking this up on google and came across this thread. I can confirm Blazing Fist comes from 300 ranked wins, Good Vibes from hitting lvl 30 Ken and Pinky Swear from some where over 300 ranked wins(near 400) as Omni has stated.


Guys how do I get full black skin for original ken costume… friend told me that I need lvl 25 Ken and than go to store and buy it. Is this true?
currently lvl 21… any good tips to lvl up faster till 25?


I think it’s lvl 30. I am 30 with Ken and I have it, I have none of the other characters 14th colors.

I know it’s a pain in the ass but do survival, story and this kind of shit for faster levels.

EDIT : thought about it, Ken is also my only lvl 25+ so maybe it’s 25.


He I think it might even be 40 not sure…I know the last color is over 50


Oh I just found it under Event Hubs. Color 14 is in the shop for character lvl 25 and color 15 at char lvl 50. Pheew 50s gonna take some time!


Jesus lvl 50? Im barely at 32 ;,(


I know right! Im 35. Well it’ll be a nice treat when theres most likely nothing else I want in the shop. Im hoping people add to this list. Im curious about the Rush and Blaze title amongst others.


Would have cared about colour 15 if they’d have made it a Dante(DMC) colour or something. They could have pulled some cool colour 15 skins to make them REALLY desirable but they’re just normal colours with no speciality to them. The most you get is a black/gold colour for some characters and I’m not really a fan of that.