Ken's Strong Fierce Jab dragon

Sometimes, when I am trying to do the Strong-fierce-jab dragon combo, the dragon misses. I was wondering if there was a particular way to determine if you can tell BEFORE it’ll miss whether it’ll miss or not.

Do you guys have a method, or is it just “Keep playing for a million years and you’ll know.”

I wanted to put this in General Strategy because if the method of judging applies to other characters, I’d like to know that, too.

IE Yun’s fireball after a Genei Jin combo. The best advice I got was, “Just kara it 100% of the time.” But if I had a method of determining whether or not I have to, it’d help a lot.

damn that’s like gotta be one of the easiest things in the game to do…

You just , erm, combo it. There’s no special timing or anything required. It’s the same timing as if you were comboing an SRK off of…anything, really. The SRK cancels whatever normal animation you were in.

If some characters are ducking the srk might whiff, but 99% of the time it works fine.

I wasn’t referring to timing.

Is it just based on whether or not they’re ducking?

It doesn’t hit crouching Yun, Yang, Oro, Q, and Elena (about half the time on the latter 2). But even when standing, the srk may not connect if you were too far during the target. There’s a certain distance where the target will still hit properly, but the srk won’t. When you play a lot you get a feel for that distance, and you’ll know to cancel into the super instead. Basically if you’re at point blank and the other character is standing (or crouching but isn’t one of the 5 characters I mentioned), then the srk will hit. Otherwise, just do the super.


Perfect. Thanks. I was hoping there was a method, but I guess that’s it.

if you multi parry with a shoto, they move backwards (forward parry) thus you may be too far.

I’ve had that happened to me alot! even when they’re standing!!! I don’t know if the arcade version does that but… f*cks… random misses in console!!! i know i comboed it too! 2 hits then the 3rd one whiffz! i have no idea what’s wrong with that…