Ken's taunt and kara cancel double shoryuken

What does ken say when he taunts? Is it kaagagettina? also how do you perform kens kara cancel to hit with two shoryukens.

Kakkate kina is what he says.

Can you translate that for me please?

Hmmm… 240 second rule… can’t believe I’m actually posting this quickly…

Thanks for replying. When I first heard it from ken, it sounded it so cool! I had to learn that word.

I think it means “Bring it on”. I have dead or alive 3 and turned on the subtitles and the character “Bayman” says it as his intro.

What he says is something among the lines of “get over here” iirc. Kara srk is discussed in a different thread.

for kara srk you input the following basicly: :dp:+:hk: (wait a few frames) :lp:

What’s also possible is: :dp:+:mk: (wait a few frames) :lp:

You can get the idea of kara cancelling by trying with ryu’s :r:+:mp:,:lp:+:lk: kara throw. If you do it right you can see ryu warp forward. (on that note, ken has some throw karas under his hk, nothing that usefull but funny to make people go O_O).

kara srk itself isn’t harder then ryu’s kara throw, but in combination with a normal srk infront of it it’s a lot harder. You can try in a corner with 2 normal srks, if you get the interval right you’ll hit. In midfield you have about the same interval to kara.

To get the hang of it, I started basicly with attempting the second srk anywhere possible(this is the slow way), and after that I spend some time in training mode checking if I’ve actually got the timing down(this is the fast way). I started out with :dp::lp::dp::mk: and checked wether the :mk: was actually comming out as I want it, what seems to happen often is my stick bouncing on my gate adding a :r: to my buffer causing the :r::mk: instead of the :df::mk:, so when you try be sure to force it into the correct gate point.

After getting the :df::mk: out I started off karaing without a :dp::lp: infront of it, and I didn’t saw it that well, but Ken warps with kara srk too and it’s pretty visible. So after getting that down you try combining the two so you get :dp::lp::dp::mk::lp: again. This part is where you basicly try to shorten the intervals as much as possible so that 1) you get your srk out and actually hit the opponent:P and 2) you don’t get timing issues(constant buffer flow). After that I tried it in arcade and I must be lucky, since I’m hitting:P I still have to try in matches now, but it should be alright.

The only characters I couldn’t kara at all for some reason were Hugo and Dudley. From Doom I heard Dudley isn’t kara-srk-able but I dunno about Hugo. Does anyone know wether Hugo is kara-srk-able and what other characters are not?

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Kara-SRK took me forever to learn. Like seriously a hour or two of just straight practice. Basically the way I do it is just watch his feet. Do the shoryuken motion on the way down and as soon as you see his feet touch hit HK+Jab. I hit 80% of the time now.

wats kara mean? :lame:

That also has been dicussed, it could mean empty like suggested in the karate kid movies or… Anyways, if you want to know what it means in street fighter 3: a pre execution cancel into special(throws included). (If someone has a better naming for the time period speak up:P)
It’s in the first couple of frames of the normal move where a kara cancel can be made. I dunno if it’s possible with supers.